How to Pick Healthy Puppy- Tips to choose a Healthy Puppy

Who does not love those lovely four-footed creatures always wagging their tail in front of you? I guess most people love dogs, and most of them attempt to buy one as a pet. However, you must consider a few things when planning to get a puppy. The entire process, from choosing the perfect puppy to bringing it home, is essential to bring a healthy pet for yourself.

7 tips for choosing a healthy puppy

Though there is no perfect rule for selecting the right puppy. Therefore, you can follow the tips below to ensure you are adopting a healthy one.

1. The right age

Like any other living being, a puppy should stay with its mother for at least 8 weeks post-birth. It makes the creature feel protected and helps grow its mental and physical health. Therefore, make sure you are buying a puppy that is more than 8 weeks old. So, before rushing to that puppies for sale posts, ensure the dealer sells the puppy of the right age.

2. Strong body

A strong and sturdy body is a sign of a healthy creature. Therefore, check for your pet’s body structure and muscle definition while choosing your pet. Though a small breed may look weaker as compared to the larger breeds. But check thoroughly; it has a strong bone structure, and the belly has not bulged. Remember, these two are the signs of worm problems or serious issues like heart diseases.

3. Cleanliness

A clean puppy is a healthy puppy indeed. Therefore before buying a puppy, check whether it has clean eyes, ears, and nose or not. Make sure it has bright eyes without any liquid discharge around the eye area. Moreover, its ears should be clean to avoid the risk of ear mites or any other ear infections. Always avoid a puppy with smelly, swollen, and red ears. Similarly, be sure not to choose a puppy with a running nose or the one who is sneezing. 

4. Shiny coat or fur

While choosing your pet, always avoid those who have any patches or spots on the skin. It may be due to infections and signs of a diseased puppy. Always check if it has a cleaner, fuller, and shinier fur or not. Puppies with skin allergies or mange are not recommended for selling or buying. Also, make sure it does not have matte skin or coat. Opt for a puppy with a clean and shiny coat.

5. Energy level

A healthy puppy will be energetic and always interact with people happily. It may take some time to get familiar with you, but that doesn’t mean it will be lethargic. Take your time to build a bonding with your pet but don’t choose a lazy puppy. Being lazy may be a sign of a diseased puppy. 

6. Previous health record

Before buying a puppy, ensure it is vaccinated as per the instruction of the veterinary doctor. You can ask the breeder or dealer for the vet’s contact who knows its previous records. Get a complete record if it has had any illness earlier. Please don’t buy from a dealer who is reluctant to provide you with the health records and the vet’s contact who had examined it earlier.

7. Stool

Avoid it at once if you find a puppy passing loose stools or licking its genital area. A loose stool is the symptom of diarrhea, and licking the genital part may be a symptom of urinary infections. However, both are signs that indicate an unhealthy puppy. Therefore avoid choosing it. Buy a puppy that passes firm stools regularly before getting attracted to the puppies for sale board at the pet shop.

Importance of paperwork 

Always do the necessary paperwork before you decide to buy the puppy. Ask the breeder to provide your puppy’s Registration Application and also get the veterinary records. It would help you remember your vaccination dates and other health check-ups.


Now you know how to choose a healthy puppy following the general guidelines. Bring your bundles of joy home and prepare for caring and nurturing it. Don’t forget to get your homework done on being friendly with the new family member. Happy Petting!


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