Boxing Facts For Kids | History Of The Sport

Did you know that boxing is one of the planet’s oldest combat sports still practiced today?

Believe it or not…

The origin of This sport goes as far back as our history. The earliest documented history goes back to Egypt in 3000 B.C. Prized fights were even featured in the Iliad of Homer during Patroclus’ funeral ceremony, but where did this unique sport come from?

I’m sure you have seen your favorite boxers wearing the best pair of boxing gloves, but have you ever wondered when they started wearing boxing gloves? Or who invented the modern boxing gloves? So, let’s discover more about the history of this sport in the boxing fact for kids.

Interesting Boxing Facts For Kids | History Of The Sport

Boxing is one of the world’s earliest known sports being practiced today, with the earliest known depiction of this sport being on some Sumerian stone carvings from the 3rd millennium and Egyptian tombs. These depictions from Egypt and the Middle East showed competitors fighting with some bands covering their wrists or bare-fisted.

Boxing In Ancient Greece

Boxing was a perfectly-developed sport that experienced consistent popularity known as pygmachia. Boxing matches started with two men sitting in front of each other with their fists wrapped using some leather strips.

It was introduced in the 23rd Olympiad around 688 B.C. During that era, there were no rounds. Therefore, these men would hit each other until one fell or died in the worst-case scenario.

Back then, weight classes were not introduced, which meant huge fighters could easily dominate the small ones. The style of boxing used in ancient Greece featured an exceptional left leg stance with a semi-extended left arm used as a guard and for striking. The right hand was always ready to strike; the main target was the opponent’s head.

Ancient Greece boxing resembled modern western boxing since there is no evidence of kicks.

Boxing In Ancient Rome

In Rome, boxing was a famous spectator game featuring gladiators or fighters who fought with the primary intent of killing each other. Initially, the gladiators covered their fists with leather straps, but eventually, they adopted harder leather and started using the strips as weapons.

After the fall of the Ancient Roman Empire, boxing records disappeared, and gladiators started wearing weapons again.

Introduction Of Modern Boxing

Boxing was abolished in 393 A.D. since it was considered too savage and didn’t resurface until the 16th century in London.

The English Aristocracy had a keen interest in recovering the tradition and knowledge of antiquity, which resulted in boxing becoming a method for handling disputes among wealthy individuals. The rich patrons supported their pugilists and even placed huge wagers on the tournaments. This is where the term “prizefighters” was coined.

More Boxing Facts For Kids

Who Opened The First Boxing School?

The first person to open a boxing school was Jack Broughton, the reigning champion between 1734 and 1758.

Who Helped Create The First Boxing Rules?

Broughton helped create the first boxing rules. These rules, which were known as Broughton’s rules, were aimed at protecting the fighters.

Under Broughton’s boxing rules, if a fighter fell and couldn’t continue after a 30-second count-out, then they lost. This is the first time hitting below the waist or hitting an opponent while he was down was banned.

These rules offered the fighters a crucial advantage not enjoyed by a modern fighter. The rules allowed any boxer to drop on one knee when they were in trouble, and the 30 seconds count could start. Broughton helped convert the high society folks from sponsors to becoming fighters.

Who Helped Popularize Modern Boxing?

Even after being reintroduced in the 16th century, boxing didn’t become popular until Theodore Roosevelt became its prominent advocate. As a police commissioner, Roosevelt urged officers to train ars pugandi, a form of boxing. It is one of the best methods for venting out the animal spirit in men.

As a president, he continued to advocate for boxing, and with time it grew in popularity.

When We’re Boxing Gloves Adopted?

Modern boxers always have the best boxing gloves, but did you know that the first boxing gloves were introduced between 1500 and 1400 B.C.? The earliest evidence of boxing gloves was found in Minoan Crete. Jack Broughton helped create the mufflers, the predecessor of the current boxing gloves.

The Bottom Line

Despite being banned for its brutality in 393 A.D., boxing is still one of the world’s most popular sports. Luckily, the boxing rules have improved to help perfect this sport, and even modern boxing gloves are safer. Plus, the introduction of weight classes made the competition fair for boxers since they can now compete within their weight class.



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