Gummies Can Be A Good Thing

If you have a sweet tooth you will know all too well the struggle of trying to hold back and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I am not sure if it is the actual taste of the candy, the look with all their vibrant rainbow splashes lined on shop walls, or the habit of putting them to your mouth?

There is something about them that draws people in although not all of us have a sweet tooth, some preferring more savory and salty appetizers, but if you are the former then we have a solution that may just change your life.

No, unfortunately, it is not a weight-loss chocolate bar (but with all the advances in the world across all industries they could do well to create one, am I right?) but it does have a familiar appearance and texture. And, with the positives it brings to your health as well as tasting and looking great what have you got to lose?


Jelly joy.

The wonderful world of health and fitness is often associated with workout shakes and mixes, adding supplements to boost energy and muscles, but if that is not your cup of tea where does that leave you? Do you have to compensate and take them or forget about the option of being a healthier, better you, the answer is neither. 

You can discover the world of organic and natural ingredients that offer as many if not more health positives and without all the negative chemicals used to preserve and mass-produce them.

Companies have investigated, conducted tests and trials and have come up with a winning combination to a toxin-free, highly versatile product. More about the author and creator of such a product makes for an interesting read and could be the voice that changes your perspective. Sometimes we get so set in our ways we miss the opportunities to explore something new, and perhaps something better.

We are talking about CBD, known as Cannabidiol, it is a plant compound found as part of the Hemp plant and flower and which has been nursing and aiding human beings for centuries. Thankfully, with the research, we have on hand these day’s chefs, scientists, and culinary enthusiasts have been trying their hand in various ways to make it more appealing and suitable to as wide a demographic as possible. 

This means that not only can you add CBD oil into dinners and morning coffees, but it has been infused into cookies for an on-the-go snack to give you that midday boost when work seems overwhelming. It also means that as creators become more innovative the explosion of CBD-infused gummies has taken over the show. They come in flavors, sugar-coated or not, and are a great size to pop into your handbag for whenever you (or a friend) may need it. Win-win.

Something for everyone.

If I knew that the raindrop-shaped jelly sweets sat in the jar on my desk were great for my health both mentally and physically I would have stock-piled years ago, that being said I am glad I came across it and haven’t looked back since. 

There are many health benefits of adding CBD to your diet and nutritional plan from aiding and essentially eliminating pain and the inflammation that causes it, to increasing flexibility in the joints and muscles, there is something for everyone.

Your main concern is to ensure you are buying from a reliable and reputable source, and that the products you purchase are of good quality. There are a few things to look at if you are unsure, let’s take a look at what to be aware of. You can also see here for a more in-depth look into shopping for CBD products and what is available. 

Top 3 features to look for when purchasing CBD products.

  • Concentration. How much CBD is present in your product, there is no point in buying an item with little to no CBD present, and not only are you wasting your money but you won’t experience any of the health advantages CBD has to offer.
  • Ingredients. Reading ingredient labels may not come naturally to you like so many of us, but if it means the difference between reaping the benefits of a natural health product then a minute to scan the product list is essential. You want to make sure there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives, unpronounceable ingredient names (because who knows what you could be putting into your body), and a stamp of regular product testing visible.
  • THC. This element is present even after extraction but should be no more than 0.3% content in any CBD product to ensure it is safe for consumption. THC is the hallucinogenic element found in the Hemp plant and its concentration should be labeled on products and packaging. 

THC (read about it in this link) makes up one-half of the plant, the other of course, being CBD, but with proper extraction methods of which CO2 is considered the best although pricier, it has no side-effects or impact on the consumer.

CBD has been around for centuries and is only in recent years being fully looked into and implemented into daily lives, integrated into everyday products from foods to beauty and cosmetics, and is taking the world by storm. We could all use a natural product to make life easier, happier, and most importantly healthier, after all, we only have one life we need to take care of it.


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