How To Teach A Child To Write An Essay

The world of literature introduces children to colorful characters, teaches ideas about good and evil, and develops imagination. Each book is a new experience. But children are not only grateful readers, they are also writers. It is not easy to express thoughts correctly on paper. Therefore, the craft of writing should be studied from the school bench. Children have to write literature essays, motivational essays, scholarship essays, etc. There is a lot of writing to be done during school and college.

Not everyone can write correctly. But it can be learned. To make school essays work well without the help of the Internet and adults, the child will have to work hard. The task of attentive parents is to be there at the beginning, to help overcome possible difficulties, and to awaken an interest in literary creativity.

Why is it hard for children to write essays?

Children write their first essays in 2nd or 3rd grade. Issuing a task, not every teacher can explain what techniques and rules should be followed in its execution. Hence the first stresses and reluctance of the child to start work. Usually, behind the inability to write an essay, there are:

  • problems with imagination;
  • poor imagination;
  • ignorance of the topic;
  • lack of understanding of the clear structure of the text.

According to the experts of a cheap essay writing service, parents should not turn away from their child’s requests for help or write the work for them. It is important to be there and explain how to write an essay. Having mastered the basic skills, the child will learn to write good texts in the future. For them to be literate, it is necessary to develop imagination, fantasy, and speech. Good books travel, and new experiences can help.

The first essay – together!

An essay is a statement of your thoughts on a topic set by the teacher. It demonstrates knowledge of a certain issue, the ability to tell a story, to describe, to express a personal view consistently, convincingly, and competently.

The sign of good work and mental maturity of the author – a clear structure, the correct literary language, depth of content. It is not easy to achieve this at first. That is why younger students need the help of their parents.

The choice of the theme and structure of the story is the first thing that should be discussed with the child. You can make a cheat sheet with the main steps of work on the text:

  1. Title – words that reflect the content of the work as a whole.
  2. Introduction – introduces the topic of the essay, brings the reader to the main part. You can start the text with the words of the narrative “I want to tell you…”, the question “are you familiar with…”, the definition “happiness is…”.
  3. The main part – reveals the main idea of the work and consists of several theses. All paragraphs and sentences in the text should be connected with the words “if”, “therefore” and others.
  4. Conclusion – summarizing and conclusions.

Work with a draft and poor vocabulary

In the beginning, it is necessary to outline the reference key phrases and build them logically – this will be the initial plan. Then, adhering to this plan and the structure of the essay, the child will be able to write the text in the rough draft. Now all that remains is to check their literacy and rewrite the work into a rough draft. During the test, another problem may arise – a poor vocabulary of a schoolchild. If this is the case, at the stage of preparation for work it is necessary to make colorful portraits of characters or descriptions of objects that appear in the text.

The child should be taught to work with a draft, where he can play with images, expressions, phrases. The use of a spelling dictionary, which will allow you to find synonyms, correct errors, is mandatory.

Tips from professional teachers

Evaluating the essays of a schoolchild, the teacher determines the level of mastery of literary language, the breadth of outlook, the ability to give an objective assessment of events, to draw their conclusions. The technique of teaching this depends on the age:

  1. Younger students should be taught playfully. It is possible to agree to write sentences one by one and discuss each of them together. Over time, it will be easier for the child to show his thoughts, imagination. He will be able to write interesting, easy, and structured texts.
  2. Helping older students is to discuss the details of the work with adults. It is possible to talk about what will be the introduction, the main text, and the conclusion, listen to each other’s ideas, find a compromise. Older students can independently analyze their work, evaluate their style, and make corrections. If a student doubts something, he can always find 5 steps of writing personal statements on the Internet.

Good parental guidance

The skills of working on an essay stay with a child for life. Developing his literary abilities, parents should remember the following:

  • you can’t write essays for the schoolboy;
  • it is important to help your child in his or her creative search if he or she asks for it;
  • do not allow a child to rewrite someone else’s texts;
  • it is necessary to encourage the student to read more, to think about books.

An important aspect in the formation of a beautiful literary speech is the child’s ability to tell about what he saw, heard, felt. Therefore, ask the child to tell about the work he has read, about the movie (cartoon) he has watched, about the excursion, about the trip. During the story, correct the child, ask questions, clarify, and over time his speech will be smoother and more correct, and therefore writing essays will become common, and then easy.

Education of literacy and the ability to correctly express your opinion is a step towards a successful future for a child. The ability to write essays will be useful in school, university, will help in his future career. Trusting the paper with thoughts and feelings, the child will be able to develop unique personal qualities. Who knows, perhaps it is in his person that the world will get a successful lawyer, a good fiction writer, or a talented writer. And perhaps he will become one of the authors of an online service that helps students with college assignments, such as


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