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The “Hawaiian Island” or “the Big Island” is just a synonym for the canvas of nature where you could easily reveal hidden secrets of nature. Just scroll down for Hawaii facts for kids if you wish to be informed about the beautiful as well as scary facts for the still expanding island, Hawaii.

This won’t be an exaggeration to call Hawaii a perfect combination of fire and ice representing beauty and adventure together as a platform.

Hawaii Facts For Kids

Making of  the Hawaii island

This piece of land was formed in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean due to the formation of a volcanic hot spot in the region.

The series of Hawaiian Island is made up of 132 such small islands, enclaves, coral reefs, shallow banks, sand banks and seamounts spreading over 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) from the territory in the southeast to Kure Atoll in the northwest.

As we know that these islands are an extraordinary outcome of volcanic eruptions from a sequence of five volcanoes. It’s also notable that the Hawaii Island is the youngest and biggest of all the islands formed in the series of the volcanic islands.

The island even accounts for being the bearer of the largest volcano on the earth_ “Shield Volcano”.

The terrestrial tremors

The island has dealt with many earthquakes due to the presence of volcanoes.

During 1833 to 1896, there were near about 4 to 5 earthquakes arrived every year.

Hawaii is rated for 7.3% of the United States’ realized earthquakes with an enormity of 3.5 or greater from 1974 to 2003, making it a huge figure of 1533 earthquakes.

After Alaska and California, Hawaii stands s third in the list of accounting most earthquakes during the time interval.

Tsunami! Tsunami! Tsunami!

The great waves that strike the shore or you may call it tsunami is another scary truth of the beautiful island.

The topographical conditions and frequent visiting earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean make welcome the demonic waves.

Flora and fauna of Hawaii

Most of the found species of plant and animal kingdom are endemic in nature and have been in isolation over 70 million years. Example: koa tree and the yellow hibiscus.

In the north western island, rare Hawaiian monk seals breed. With an alarming number of 15000 left throughout the globe you won’t find them longing for the beach but they have been spotted on the shores of Kauai in recent years.

Weather of Hawaii

Tropical climate prevails most of the time on the island while it receives much of its rainfall from the “trade winds”  as a result of mountainous precipitations on the north and east flanks.

The period between Julys to November witness the harsh tropical storms and the hurricanes.

Satisfying your taste buds – Food in Hawaii

We can observe a perfect blending of different varieties of cuisine brought by immigrants mainly Japaneses, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Filipino, and Polynesian origin.

Beef, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and rice are considered as ethnic food items.

Poke is a famous eatable and an important local origination by conserving raw fish with sea salt.

Blue Hawaii and Mai-Tai is few Hawaiian cocktails making full use of rum.

History of Hawaii – Hawaii Facts for Kids

Phases of early Polynesian settlement mark the history of Hawaii.

Polynesians, as expected from the Marquesas Islands, appeared in Hawaii during 200-500.

In 1778, English explorer Captain James Cook harboured at Waimea Bay near Kauai. He mentioned the islands “the Sandwich Islands” honouring Britain’s Earl of Sandwich.

It was only in 1795 that the savage soldier Kamehameha I subdued many of the islands and established the Hawaiian monarchy. He died in 1819 and his son Kamehameha II becomes the monarch.

On 22nd February 1900 the Hawaiian Islands became a US territory.

hawaii facts for kidsPeople of Hawaii

Hawaiian people are considered to be highly talented and so make a significant mark on world celebrity list.

To name a few are Bruno Mars, Grammy winning R&B singer, Barack Obama who is the 44th president of the United States and several others including Nicole Mary Kidman an award winning actress.

These people are not only talented but also posses a highly diversified culture.

Language, art, music, cuisine, film, theatre, dance and a broad spectrum of festivals are a reflection of the rich heritage.

Best places to visit in Hawaii

It’s a very much familiar fact that the Hawaiian Islands are highly cherished tourist attraction on the globe.

The natural beauty of “super nice” and potential of marine tourism make it quite famous in different corners of the world. This place is often featured in movies and television and is no less than a paradise for tourists.

Situated on the Big Island, the Pu `uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park accounts 182-acre park full of  reconstructions of an ancient Hawaiian and  Archaeological sites ,” Place of Refuge “. This blessed site was once the domain of Hawaiian royalty and defeated military or a place of refuge for Those WHO disobeyed a kapu (ancient Hawaiian law).

This place also offers you a chance to discover a collection of endangered species and rainforest animals – spider monkeys, lemurs, Nene geese are just to name a few. Go troll the zoo and gift shop for one-of-a-kind remembrance. Panaewa Rainforest Zoo is also reckoned a botanical garden. Everyday it is open and fortunately the entry is free.

At this tourist attractions area you can comfortably swim in the crystal clear pool at Waihi as it lit the blazing sun. But not only that you can do several other things such as get acquainted with 36 main botanical assemblage. By going to see the Waimea Valley Audubon Center spotted in the beautiful Waimea Valley along with your near and dear ones will surely have a great encounter.

Last but not the least, Diamond Head State Monument is quite popular tourist attractions in the southeast region of Hawaii. There you can discover a diamond in the pitch of the crater in the 1700s, but as soon as you start digging, you should remember that the diamond is known as calcite crystals that are just valuable to the mine. Up you can get a great view of Honolulu area and not to forget, bring a flashlight as a pathway through the dark tunnel.

Do you know any more Hawaii facts for kids? How about sharing it in the comments below.

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