Plant Facts For Kids | Mind-boggling Facts About Green Plants

Plants are living organisms and play a major role in shaping the environment of our planet. They have enormous purposes and benefits for humanity. So let’s understand few things about these plants in plant facts for kids.

Plant Facts For Kids – Amazing and Astonishing

  • The fastest growing organism in the whole world is called Lady in the Veil. It’s actually an African mushroom and it reaches at about eight inches within just twenty minutes.
  • The total area covered by the rainforests is almost 2% of our planet but what’s surprising is that 50 percent of different species of animals and plants are located in this region.
  • There are few trees that remain in touch with each other and so when an insect (that eats wood) goes after any tree, he gives off special kind of chemicals that act as a signal to the rest of the trees. In this way, all the trees become watchful from the potential threat of any bug because the chemical is extremely deadly and it puts off these predators.
  • You know some trees are quite smart. A tree named Quiver (South Africa) stores water inside it by dropping its branches.
  • In Bolivia, a very unusual kind of plant blossoms in about 100 to 150 years.
  • Do you know in Arizona desert, how long does it take for a slow-moving Cactus to grow one inch? Well, it takes 10 years before it reaches one inch.
  • Have you ever got a whiff of a decomposed dead body? Yuk! It stinks, definitely! But there is a flower too that smells just like that. Its name is Stinking lily or another name is corpse flower. That’s why it is the most foul-smelling flower throughout the whole world.

More Plant Facts For Kids

  • In the Asian rainforests, there is a plant that eats birds and rats as well. They emit a unique liquid which exerts a pull on the animals and birds and a special basket of chemicals thaw these animals out.
  • There are few kinds of bamboo that develops almost 35 inches in just about 24 hours.
  • A redwood tree has a special external covering over its wood (called bark) that does not flame and when a fire erupts in the jungle, the interior is blazed while the outer part is saved.
  • There is another plant from the family of carnivorous. The name of this plant is Venus flytrap and it gobbles flies. However, the plant requires 30 minutes to capture it and then after killing the fly, it takes that flower 10 days for digesting it.
  • In the Amazon, there is a giant water lily plant the pads of which are so solid that even a kid can take a seat over them.
  • You know few pine trees have so stretched roots that they are even spread out at about 30 miles?
  • There are few plants that fancy listening music and scientists have found that their growth rate has significantly increased if you play music around them.
  • Few of the plants that grow on deserts take water from beneath the earth thanks to their stretched out roots.
  • The size of the tiniest tree in the world is about two inches. The name of the tree is Dwarf Willow and it is found in Greenland.

I hope you’d have enjoyed these plant facts for kids and if you know any other interesting facts about green plants, you’re more than welcome to contribute. We’ll be happy to see your response through your comments. So don’t forget to comment even if you don’t like it. Thank you for your time and effort.


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