Ocean Facts For Kids | Hidden Realities About Oceans

The presence of oceans have made our planet unique from the rest of the planets in our solar system and because of this our Earth’s temperature changes. So we cannot deny the significance of oceans and so let’s discover some of the interesting little things in ocean facts for kids.

Ocean Facts For Kids

The ocean’s water comprises of lion’s share in our planet and they play a major role too for the evaporation of water (85%) in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Almost 3/4th of the surface of our planet is comprised of oceans.

Our planet is known as “Blue Planet” because it seems like a blue ball from the outer space. This blue shade is due to the oceans.


According to geographers, the Earth is divided into five oceans Southern, Arctic, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific.

Arctic is the smallest while the Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean of the world.

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The magnitude of the Pacific Ocean is so huge that even the entire waterless portion on our Earth is less than this ocean.

The ocean waters comprise almost 3.5% salt in it.

More Ocean Facts For Kids

The scientists say that our oceans have every chemical that exists on our planet.

Due to these oceans, humans and all other living things live on this planet because they play a major role in water cycle.

Oceans also adjust the temperature of our planet in a way that in chilly season, it emits heat while in summer it absorbs heat from the surface.

By and large, the ocean waves moves through the movement of wind currents while at times, any underground eruption also causes these currents to disturb.

The movement of water currents in oceans is helpful in that they nurture the animals by providing them the oxygen they need to survive.

Ripples are the smallest ocean waves.

Each wave has its lowest as well as highest point. The highest one is called crest while the lowest is known as trough.

The distance between the two crests (highest points of two waves) is known as wavelength.

Oceans contain almost 22,000 pounds of gold beneath them. However, it’s a grueling task to pull out such massive quantity of gold from there.

Each year the thickness of the Atlantic Ocean is enhancing by one inch.

Due to the deepness of the oceans, they provide perfect environment that is fit for human habitation as they contribute nearly 99% of livable environment on our planet.

I hope you’d have enjoyed these ocean facts for kids but if you like to share something or if I’ve missed out any fact regarding oceans, then you’re more than welcome to contribute. Thank you for your time and effort!


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