Food Facts For Kids | Real And Unbelievable Facts

You might have had a feeling that food facts for kids is something mouth-watering but not to be. Because here we’ll see some horrible and perhaps unbelievable food facts for kids. So just read and enjoy these wonderful facts!

Unbelievable Food Facts For Kids

  • Back in the 19th century, people used to make a blend of flour with some ground bones.
  • During the entire life span, you’ll probably consume more or less 50,000 pounds of food. No, you cannot deny this because it’s a fact!
  • There was a time during Roman Empire when one emperor used to have a ‘glutton’ slave from Egypt who is said to gulp down almost anything even meat of humans as well.
  • Have you ever had a cheese covered all over it by the maggots? No? Well, there are some people in Sardinia who deliberately put away the cheese under the sunlight so that houseflies lay eggs on them. Afterwards, they just pull out the swarming substance from the cheese and have them with bread.
  • You know how chutney in India is prepared? They cook the ants first, make a paste of it and there you have it.


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  • Some of the unusual crusty savors that sell in different parts of the world include squid, seaweed, sour cream and octopus.
  • Have you ever been to an Insect Club in America? No? Then you must because it’s not an ordinary bistro and as the name suggests, they really serve their customers with delectable dishes only prepared from different insects. Some of the menu items are insect chocolate, blue cheese in puff pastry, cricket pizza and mealworms.

More Food Facts For Kids

  • Once in 1971, a guy happened to come across the mouse’s head in a chocolate bar. Yuk!
  • Those prisoners who are about to execute are given meal of their own choice and in America this meal is given out before one or two days. This last mealtime is known as “Special Meal” in America.
  • Have you ever seen a football size fruit? Durian is the name of that fruit and though it stinks as if a rotten meat is served yet its flavor is nice.
  • Yak butter is prepared from the milk of yak. In China, Nepal and Tibet this is specially served along with a black tea.
  • In times of World War I, the Germans had to undergo famine to such an extent that they went after eating horses, dogs and even kangaroos.
  • There are some Australian kids in the northern part where they gobble green ants. First they take out the skull so in order to avoid biting and eat the rest of the body.
  • You may have had a stew many a times before but not prepared with zebras and tomatoes. Is it? Yes, in Madagascar they make it like that.
  • There is a whale ice cream served in one of the restaurants of Japan (Osaka).
  • In China, there is a rat restaurant that serves its customers soups of snake, crusty fried rat, rat kebab, steamed rat to go with rice.
  • In one of the cities of China named as Changsha, there is a special eating place that prepares food by means of a breast milk of humans.
  • In the south of Louisiana (America), one of the famous servings is the Alligator kebab.
  • The dwellers of Fiji eat special kind of food as they first allow the pig to go hungry for about 7 days and then give him veal to eat afterwards. After having veal, they slaughter the animal within hours of his meal and extract the veal which is not fully digested. Now they roast this veal and eat it.

Do you know any other unusual fact that may bring a happy addition to our food facts for kids? If yes, then you’re more than welcome to share your experiences. Thank you for your time and effort! 

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