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Without the presence of water, no living being can survive. So it’s indispensable for any planet to have some kind of water on its surface so that it may bring forth any living creature. That’s why Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has favorable conditions for us to live in as it is full of water. Hence water is life. Let’s study further about some of the basic and fascinating water facts for kids.

Some Interesting Water Facts For Kids

  • The chemical formula for water is H2O, which means that it comprises 1 atom of oxygen while 2 atoms of hydrogen.
  • Water is usually present in gaseous, liquid and solid forms. Hence steam is the gaseous form of water while ice is certainly the solid one.
  • There is no other substance on our planet that is present in three states except water.
  • The freezing temperature of water is about 32oF.
  • Unlike any other substance on Earth, water gets bigger as it freezes into ice. However other substances do contract.

 More Water Facts For Kids

  • Have you ever wondered if you put an ice cube into a glass filled with water, cube doesn’t sink? Well, it’s because the water in liquid form is heavier than its solid state. When water freezes, its particles expand and as a result, its weight is reduced.
  • Do you know that volume of water on our planet ranges up to 336 million cubic miles?
  • There are few rocks that can glide on the surface of water and though Pumice stone has lava inside it yet it can move smoothly on water surface thanks to the presence of air bubbles in it.
  • You know Mauna Kea (Hawaii) is the biggest peak in the world but what’s funny is that it seems like a horizontal surface. This is because almost sixty percent of the mountain is present inside the sea water while the remaining portion appears somewhat smooth. It is almost 33,480 feet high.
  • Way back fourteen thousand years before, the ice thawed out thereby pushing the water with so much pressure that a Grand Canyon was made in America.
  • Inside the Earth, there are very hot waterfalls (known as Geysers). They become hot by means of a volcanic emission and then surface to the outside of the Earth. The temperature of this water more often reaches above 100oC.
  • There is just three percent of clean water on our planet while the 2/3rd portion of this 3% water are in the form of ice. Consequently, 99 percent of the water on Earth is not fit for drinking.

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