Statue Of Liberty Facts For Kids

Let’s see some of the interesting statue of liberty facts for kids. Also known as Lady Liberty, this grand structure was built to remember the American Independence Day and the symbol of friendship between France and USA. France sent its troops to help America achieve its independence and thus they wanted to applaud this victory in a style. After considering various options, the French designer came up with the statue of liberty on the New York Harbor. The people of France were able to raise funds for the statue and the Americans made the pedestal of this mega structure. Now it stands with full of pride to welcome the migrants toward America.

Interesting And Informative Statue of Liberty Facts For Kids

  • In 1886 the French government bestowed this statue as a souvenir to the American people.
  • The construction of Lady Liberty was finished within 9 years.
  • The colossal structure of liberty was built of copper.
  • The island at which this statue sits was previously known as Bedloe’s Island.
  • At the first, the replica of this statue was designed which was almost one-fourth the actual size of this landmark.
  • There are three hundred different portions of this statue and every segment was built one by one.
  • On the right hand of Lady Liberty, sits a torch while she is fastening a tablet on the other hand.
  • The blazing torch means the never-ending freedom.
  • The tablet has a date written on itthat is July 04, 1776 which depicts the time when America obtained autonomy from British.
  • You know what! The Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower have something in common. The engineer of both mega structures is same.
  • The age of this statue is over 100 years.
  • Within the pedestal of statue, there is a magnificent gallery carrying the earliest torch.
  • The French nation contributed $250,000 for the building of statue of liberty.
  • The President Reagan directed the renovation of this statue in the wake of one hundred years of its assembly.
  • The statue is a symbol of bond between United States and France as latter supported the former in battling against the British.
  • The base (pedestal) of statue of liberty was devised by Richard M. Hunt.
  • Do you know more than 120,000 persons contributed the cash for their Lady Liberty.
  • It took two hundred and fourteen crates to dispatch the statue from France to USA and in three hundred and fifty segments.
  • The stone of Lady Liberty was brought from Connecticut.
  • Joseph Pulitzer asked for raising the money to create the pedestal for the statue because the earth could not withstand the weight of this huge structure. Eventually he was able to receive $100,000 for its construction.
  • The statue symbolizes the autonomy and friendship between USA and France.
  • The replica of this statue is situated in Paris.
  • The crown of Lady Liberty embraces seven spikes.
  • There are twenty five windows inside the crown of statue.
  • The width of every eye of Lady Liberty is equal to the size of front door.
  • At the time, the Lady Liberty was the biggest building of New York.
  • The entire cost of this project was almost $500,000.
  • The pedestal of this statue was constructed by the American people.

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A Quick Guide To Statue Of Liberty Facts For Kids

Actual name: Liberty Enlightening the World

Other names: Mother of Exiles, Lady Liberty

Location: New York Harbor

Total height of the statue(including the base): 305 feet

Height of statue: 151 feet (from head to feet)

Height of pedestal (Base): 154 feet

Length of nose: Four feet and six inches

Length of index finger: Eight feet

Size of the head: Ten feet

Width of the mouth: Three feet

Size of stomach: Thirty-five feet

Arrival of statue in USA: June 15, 1885

Year of completion: 1884

Name of French designer: FrédéricAuguste Bartholdi

Name of Builder: Gustave Eiffel

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