Deforestation Facts For Kids | Facts About Deforestation For Kids

Deforestation is an extremely important concept to be familiar with because it has had huge impacts on everyday lives of people all over the world. So let’s explore this concept in deforestation facts for kids and see why this matter is gaining so much importance these days.

Deforestation Facts For Kids

What Does Deforestation Mean

Deforestation means cutting down a lot of trees from vast areas in the forest.

What Are The Effects Of Deforestation

Deforestation affects environment, weather, people as well as animals and birds. So let us look at some of the horrible effects of deforestation are:

Does Deforestation Cause Global Warming

Yes indeed, it is one of the biggest causes of global warming.

How Does Deforestation Affect The Environment

As you are well aware, humans and other living creatures on earth need oxygen to survive and they consume this oxygen from the air. Forests release oxygen in the air and inhale carbon dioxide through the process known as photosynthesis. When we chop down trees, oxygen level in the air decreases and creates unfavorable conditions for all living things to survive. Also as the trees are cut down and burned, the burning process emits carbon in the air that changes into carbon dioxide (when carbon reacts with oxygen in the air). Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides are called greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases do not allow sunlight to escape into the space which is why they are called ‘greenhouse’ gases since they act like a greenhouse. When the amount of these harmful gases increases in the atmosphere, it results in the increase in temperature level (leading to global warming) as well as other violent weather conditions.

Does Deforestation Cause Flooding

There is a continuous flow of water from land to the atmosphere and back to land. This process is known as water or hydrologic cycle. When trees are cut down, this cycle is disturbed which keeps the natural flow of water at the required level. As a result of this imbalance, the flow of river water changes rapidly along with precipitation levels in the atmosphere.

Does Deforestation Cause Soil Erosion

Trees play a critical role by holding the soil in place. Without these trees, soil would erode much faster and the entire piece of land may be removed falling into the river waters.

Does Deforestation Affect Human Life

Deforestation also affects the lives of millions of people. A large number of people derive their income from the products made out of wood like rubber. Trees also provide shelter to animals and birds and in the absence of forests; these animals will flock to other far areas. What’s more, those people who survive on hunting also suffer due to lack of wildlife in the forests.

More Deforestation Facts For Kids

What Are The Causes Of Deforestation

  1. First of all, illegal cutting of trees have been one of the major causes of deforestation. Many people throughout the world cut down trees unlawfully and do business with them.
  2. When the weather becomes extremely hot, sometimes fire takes place in a forest destroying trees over a large scale.
  3. Farmers cut down vast areas of forest trees for either growing new crops or grazing their farm animals.
  4. The wood of a tree is very important fuel choice and majority of trees are chopped down because of household usages like cooking or heating purposes.

What Are The Consequences Of Deforestation

The consequences of deforestation can be highly destructive. Some of the severe consequences are:

  1. Animals and birds lose their habitat;
  2. People who survive on hunting also suffer due to lack of animals;
  3. The temperature of the earth continues to rise due to deforestation (which ultimately causes global warming).

Where Is Deforestation Happening

Deforestation is a global concern and it is taking place all over the world. However, tropical rainforest has suffered severely on account of cutting down of trees. According to a study by UN organization Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), nearly 44 percent of the trees in tropical rainforest have been cut down until today.

When Did Deforestation Start

Deforestation has been taking place for many centuries. Man has been using wood for igniting fire and for shelter. It is now a global worry however as it is increasing each day at an alarming rate.

How To Stop Deforestation

It is not possible to completely finish off deforestation because population is growing at a faster rate across the world. They need to be adjusted somewhere. However by means of properly planned forest management and programs for planting new trees along with preserving the old ones, we can certainly reduce the harmful effects caused by deforestation.

Why Is Deforestation Bad

Without a shadow of doubt, deforestation is indeed not a healthy activity and for good reasons. It leaves many species of animals and birds living in the forests without any home and above all, it affects atmosphere and causes severe changes in the climate leading to rise in temperature called global warming.

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