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With a staggering blend of architectural designs and breathtaking landscapes in Australia, Australia facts for kids are really something that everybody is eyeing at. Australia is actually the continent wherein major portion is lukewarm and parched but there are plenty of rainforests as well. As far as naturally gifted places of Australia are concerned, Great Barrier Reef is the notable one. The weirdest mammal also lives in Australia known as Platypus. Though there are quite a few languages in Australia but most prominent language is English. Because of the dry climatic conditions, the Australians mostly fancy playing out-of-doors games like basketball and football. Within just 100 years ever since it gained its freedom, the country has moved on quite rapidly. So let’s explore this magnificent country through some of the interesting Australia facts for kids.

Top 21 Most Amazing Australia Facts For Kids

  • The name Australia is derived from the word terra australis incognita that signifies ‘unknown southern island’.
  • Australia is the tiniest continent on the earth.
  • It is the biggest desert island in the earth.
  • Australia is the 12th biggest economy in this sphere.
  • It is also the 6th biggest country in the planet.
  • The times of year in Australia are inverse such that winter season starts in July while fall comes in January.
  • The size of the biggest peak in Australia is 7,175 feet.
  • Australia is renowned for its two most popular animals; koala and kangaroo.
  • The second biggest bird of our planet also lives in Australia.
  • The earliest dwellers that made this country as their homeland are known as ‘Aborigines’ and ‘Torres Strait Islanders’.
  • The flag of Australia is divided among 3 sections: the Commonwealth Star, the Southern Cross and the Union Jack.
  • Aborigines showed up to this continent nearly 60,000 years before while Torres Islanders reached here nearly 10,000 years before.
  • In 1788, Great Britain manufactured the earliest colony in this very region.
  • Australia achieved freedom in 1901.
  • Prime Minister is the ruler of the country.
  • No person is allowed to vote until he or she reaches 18 years age.
  • In 1606, a Spanish voyager Luis Vaez de Torres was the earliest traveler who happened to visit Australia.
  • In 1616, Dutch explorers came here and called this place a ‘New Holland’.
  • In the period of 1819 to 1848, the Hyde Park Barracks (Sydney) became homeland for many criminals.
  • In 1851, the coalminers of Australia unearthed the gold from this country.
  • The largest number of patients falling into the trap of skin cancer lives here and so Australia is home to the maximum victims of skin cancer.

A Quick Guide To Australia Facts For Kids

Population: More than 19 million

The Religion: Roman Catholic

The Capital City: Canberra

Currency: Australian Dollar

The Biggest City: Sydney

Military expenses of Australia: 13th biggest in the world

Most common languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Greek

British navy first reached Australia: 1788

Literacy rate: 99%

Name of the earliest university: University of Sydney

Name of the First Nobel prize Australian: Patrick White (1973)

Names of national printing papers: The Australian and The Australian Review

Name of the biggest mine in Australia: Super pit gold mine (Kalgoorlie)

Names of common rivers: Murrumbidgee, Murray, Darling

Name of the biggest mountain: Mount Kosciusko


  1. number 6 -_- seriously, its not just Australia, its the entire Southern Hemisphere. But apart from that, great facts. Thanks!

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