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He is by far the greatest writer and poet of all times. Though he wrote many plays and dramas in English language only but his works has been translated into every other language all over the world. Now let’s take a short look at facts about William Shakespeare.

A Quick Guide To William Shakespeare Facts For Kids

Date of Birth: April 26, 1564

Place of Birth: Warwickshire, England

Date of Death: April 23, 1616

Place of Death: Warwickshire, England

Age: 52

Basic William Shakespeare Facts For Kids

Family and Marriage

  1. The name of his father was John Shakespeare.
  2. The name of his mother was Mary Arden.
  3. He had 7 siblings.
  4. He got married when he was just 18 years old.Shakespeare picture - William Shakespeare Facts For Kids
  5. The name of his wife was Anne Hathaway.
  6. Anne Hathaway was 8 years older than Shakespeare. She was 26 at the time of their marriage.
  7. Shakespeare and Hathaway had 3 kids. They had two daughters and a son.
  8. The names of three children of Shakespeare were Judith, Hamnet and Susanna.
  9. Judith and Hamnet were twins.
  10. Susanna was born after 6 months of the marriage.
  11. Hamnet passed away when he was just 11 years old.
  12. In 1607, Susanna got married to a doctor named John Hall.
  13. Judith got married to Thomas Quiney in 1616. She got married just 60 days before his father’s death.

Later Years and Death

  1. He started his professional career as an author as well as an artist during 1580s. He signed up for a company called Lord Chamberlain’s Men.
  2. In March 25, 1616, Shakespeare wrote his will.
  3. Shakespeare donated most of his estates to her daughter Susanna. She was the elder of the three.
  4. It is thought that Shakespeare got his early education from King’s New School. This school is in Stratford.
  5. The 7-year period starting from 1585 to 1592 in the life of Shakespeare is often referred to as ‘Lost Years’.
  6. Shakespeare purchased a house known as New Place in 1597. This house was the second biggest in size of the entire town.
  7. Shakespeare was laid to rest in the Holy Trinity Church.
  8. A play named ‘Richard III’ and few sections of ‘Henry VI’ are among the initial writings of Shakespeare.

More William Shakespeare Facts For Kids

  1. He was born in Stratford, a town in England.
  2. He is also known as “Bard of Avon”.
  3. He is the national poet of England.
  4. He wrote 38 plays and 154 sonnets.

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