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Pompeii was an old city of Romans. It is located in the region of Southern Italy known as Campania. According to experts, this city was basically built by the Oscans and dates back to the 6th or perhaps 7th century BC. Later on, Romans came here and settled themselves. During 1st century AD, Pompeii was among those towns that were located just at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius, a volcano. Pompeii has always been one of the best places to visit in Italy and it has remained as such for over 250 years now. Therefore, let’s have a look at Pompeii facts for kids to explore this wonderful and ancient Italian city.

A Quick Guide To Pompeii Facts For Kids

Year at which it was founded: 6th to 7th century

Year at which it was destroyed: 79 AD

Country: Italy

Province: Naples

Type of Settlement: Town

Basic Pompeii Facts For Kids

Physical Features

  1. It is located at a distance of about 8 kilometers far from Mount Vesuvius.
  2. The total area covered by this city was more or less 67 hectares.
  3. The total number of inhabitants in this city was nearly 11,000.
  4. Before Mount Vesuvius burst open in 79 AD, the population of Pompeii had probably reached to 20,000 persons.
  5. Pompeii has a temple known as ‘Temple of Apollo’. Its construction dates back to 2nd century BC.
  6. Archaeologists also discovered a hotel near this city. The total area covered by this hotel was 1,000 square meters and these days it is known by the name of ‘Grand Hotel Murecine’.


  1. Oscans were the ancient people of Italy. They founded Pompeii. They used to speak Oscan language and were also known by another name called Osci.
  2. The Greek and Phoenician people used this city as a harbor.
  3. During the period of 525 to 474 BC, the Greeks were said to be the first people who gained control over this city. The name of the settlement of Greeks who came here was known ‘Cumae’.
  4. The Samnites (residents of Samnium) took over this city during 5th century BC.
  5. Pompeii became the ‘socium of Rome’ during 4th century BC when the Samnite Wars were finished.


  1. During the Second Punic War (218 – 201 BC), this city supported the Romans.
  2. In the year 89 BC, a Roman general named ‘Sulla’ surrounded the city.
  3. There were several towns in the region of Campania that went to war against Romans. Pompeii was one of them.
  4. Pompeii eventually surrendered against Romans in 80 BC. Those residents who made any effort against Romans were driven out of the city.
  5. The Romans gave this city a name known as ‘Colonia Cornelia Veneria Pompeianorum’.
  6. When Romans ruled over Pompeii particularly in Augustan period, this city saw great progress in road and rail network.
  7. A large aqueduct was built that was used to supply water to 4 restrooms, the vast number of residences, business centers and above all, it supplied water to 25 waterfalls installed on different streets.


  1. A very strong earthquake hit Pompeii on February 5, 62 AD. Experts believe that reading on the Richter Scale of this earthquake was probably 6.
  2. The earthquake destroyed many buildings, homes and temples.
  3. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius happened on August 24. On August 23 (one day before the eruption), a carnival was celebrated which was known as Vulcanalia.
  4. Today after carrying out a lot of experiments, it is believed that ‘heat’ was the main factor behind the killing of thousands of people in Pompeii. Until that time, it was thought that the emerging ash may have choked people to death but it is now proved to be wrong.
  5. One of the persons who saw the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, was Pliny the Younger. He was an attorney as well as a writer. He wrote about this volcano after 25 years of its eruption.

More Pompeii Facts For Kids

  1. The ruins of this ancient city are present alongside another urban area called Pompei.
  2. The most famous community that was living next to the city of Pompeii was Herculaneum.
  3. In 1997, UNESCO announced this city to be the World Heritage Site.
  4. Until 2008, the number of tourists that came to Pompeii every year was just about 2.6 million people.
  5. The site of this town had been lost and it had remained unknown for about 1,500 years. It was found again in 1599 but the greatest rediscovery was made in 1748 by Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre, an engineer from Spain.

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