Somewhat Weird Facts about Human Body

Did you know that the human skeleton is made up of 206 bones? This can be learned not only from the nursing assignments in med school! In case you don’t want to read big books and want instant information – here are 16 weird (and a little yikes) facts about the human body.

1. Your eyes blink 20 times per minute. This is more than ten million times per year!

2. Your ears will never stop growing!

3. Earwax can be described as a type of sweat.

4. There are approximately 8,000 taste-buds covering your tongue, each with up to 100 cells that help you taste your food.

5. In your lifetime, you produce approximately 40,000 litres worth of spit. You produce enough spit to fill about five hundred bathtubs.

6. Each day, the average nose produces approximately a cupful nasal mucus!

7. When you get up in the morning, you are approximately 1 cm taller than when you go back to bed. Because of the compression and squashing of the soft cartilage between the bones during the day, this is why you are about 1cm taller when you first get up in the morning than when your bed gets to sleep.

8. It would take an average person 690 days just to walk the entire world if they walked 12 hours per day.

9. The heart is the only muscle that doesn’t tire.

10. Your skin’s entire surface is renewed every month. This means that you can have approximately 1,000 different skins throughout your life.

11. 2.25 million sweat pores make up the body.

12. Each minute, you shed more than 30,000 skin cells.

13. Your heart will beat 2.5 billion times if you live to 70!

14. Most people spend one year on average sitting in the toilet.

15. You can average enough food to fill a party balloon within one day.

16. Every month we get enough to fill a tub!


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