Science Facts For Kids

Here I am bringing you some of the most exciting and least understood science facts for kids. These facts include the study of earth, study of human body, few animals, and some other insights of biology.

  • In olden times, the Indian medical doctors allowed the ants to bite the two sides of a wound (while doing surgery) and then split the rest of the body from the ant’s head such that the head remains there. In this way, the jaws of the ant did the work of stitching.
  • Do you know why your vomit appears soupy at times? It’s because the food has settled inside your abdomen for some time. However if you vomit just after eating food, it will come out as it is.

 Science Facts For Kids

  • In Stone Age people used to practice trepanning in which a person would make a hole inside the skull of another by means of a stone so that pain is alleviated. They believed that there were some evil spirits inside the skull and by doing so, those spirits would run off. That’s why most of them lived with holes inside their skull.
  • If there are lice in your hair, it may not always be visible because they have the ability to alter their appearance according to the shade of your hair.
  • There are almost two hundred and fifty million cells of blood within one droplet of blood.
  • Of you gulp down the poison of a snake, it will not kill you. It’s because there is an acid in your stomach which mixes with it to change the properties of that poison.
  • Like in cleaning detergents, urine also possesses special chemical that was once employed for washing things.
  • There are various animals that have a tendency to act in response to the venomous gases. That’s why British miners tended to cage budgies while moving into the mines for if there was an indication of a leakage of gas, these animals would expire immediately.
  • The scientists are conducting a research on constructing a tadpole robot that should go for a dip inside the blood vessels of a human and carries the medication at the most needed place.
  • The faeces of people from the Stone Age are now known as ‘coprolites’ and today archaeologists examine these (in order to know the diet of those persons) by submerging the matter in water for about 3 days. In this way, it becomes liquefied.
  • There is a venom inside green potatoes and is called as solanin.
  • When the plants or animals decompose with the passage of million years, they are turned into oil that we use today. It happens under the ground.
  • The molten rock below the surface of the earth is called ‘Magma.’ When it comes to the surface it is called ‘Lava’.
  • Pacific Ocean has the world’s largest number of active volcanoes. These are known as ‘Ring of Fire’.
  • The speed of the rotation of the earth is 29.8 km/sec.
  • The approximate diameter of the earth is 24,756 km.
  • The specific gravity of the earth is 5.52.
  • ‘Ether’ is the medium through which light travels through space.
  • Cyclone is the most destructive natural disaster.
  • The center of cyclone is known as Eye.
  • Homo sapiens is the species to which Humans belong.
  • Chimpanzee is the only animal that resembles most to human beings in terms of mental and physical capabilities.
  • The humans were evolved in reptile.
  • Heterotrophs were the first organisms on planet earth.
  • It’s not possible to live on moon because of the lack of water.
  • Human beings were believed to have evolved in Africa.
  • Nerve cell is the largest cell in the human body.
  • ‘O’ is a universal blood donor.
  • There are total 206 bones in the human body.
  • Liver is the largest gland in the human body.
  • An average adult has 5 – 6 liters of blood in his body.
  • Iron is the main constituent of hemoglobin.
  • Cerebrum is the largest part of human brain.
  • There are total 24 ribs in a human body.
  • Duck-billed platypus is the only mammal which lays eggs.

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