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Mars is perhaps one of the only planets in our solar system that resembles a lot with our own planet, the Earth. So how about discovering this great planet and read some useful Mars facts for kids! The red color of this planet is because of the rust caused by the high concentration of iron oxide. Since there is no possibility of liquid water to exist on the surface of Mars, so the dry surface of this planet is equal to the dry surface on the Earth. That’s quite funny because the size of the Earth is two times the size of Mars which means the entire planet is dry as a bone. It possesses the most elevated peak and also the most stretched valley. So let’s know some other fascinating Mars facts for kids and see what secrets this planet holds for so long.

Mars Facts For Kids

Mars ranks second amongst the tiniest planets of the solar system.

As from the Sun, it stands at the 4th position.

Due to the reddish shade of Mars, it is also known as the ‘Red Planet’.

The rotational periods of the Earth and the Mars are almost alike. Seasonal cycles are also quite similar to our planet.

The tallest mountain on the solar system (Olympus Mons) is also found in Mars.

The Olympus Mons volcano is higher than the Mount Everest by two-and-a-half times and its width is almost equal to the size of Missouri State.

The size of Mars is almost 50 percent to that of our planet.

The reddish appearance of Mars is primarily due to the presence of iron oxide.

The thickness of the crust of Mars is almost 3 times greater than our planet.

According to the theory, Mars came into contact with other body almost the size of a Pluto, nearly 4 billion years before.

As the atmospheric pressure on Mars is low, so the presence of water on its surface is impossible.

When the operator of a Mars Exploration Rover transmit messages to the Rover standing on Mars, the communication takes almost 20 minutes to go to Mars.

The weight of a 100-lbs person comes down to 38 lbs. while standing on Mars.

The caves on Mars are known as ‘Seven Sisters’. Due to the fact that light cannot penetrate and reach the land of majority of these caves, so the depth of these caves is still unknown.

The gravity on the surface of Mars is only 38 percent as that of Earth.

There is 95 percent of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere of Mars.

The planet of Mars receives just 43 percent of sun rays.

The dust storms in Mars are the biggest in the entire solar system.

The shortest space between our planet and Mars is going to fall a little within the coming 25,000 years.

Mars came close to our planet within almost 60,000 years.

Previously when the Mars came nearby to the Earth was on 57 617 BC (September 12) and now it will again reach closer by 2287.

Phobos and Deimos are the two moons of Mars.

There is a possibility that Phobos might slam into the Mars within the next fifty million years.

A Quick Guide To Mars Facts For Kids

Time period of orbital: 687 days

Avg. orbital speed: 24 km/s

Distance from the Sun: 227.9 million kilometers


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