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Before moving ahead to find some of the interesting Mexico facts for kids, it’s better to have a look at brief introduction of this country. As far as economy of this country is concerned, Mexico is certainly one of the biggest economic giants of the world and is therefore recognized as the chief power to influence other countries. In the coming years, Mexico is going to turn itself into a developing power and a technologically advanced state. It was ranking at the 10th position back in 2007 among the countries where most travelers stop by with the huge influx of 21.4 million travelers every year around the globe. Besides the era of 40 years (1940 to 1980) for Mexico was the golden era in which the country had progressed by leaps and bounds. Let’s open up some other eye-catching Mexico facts for kids.

Most Appealing And Spellbinding Mexico Facts For Kids

According to the total size, Mexico is the 5th biggest country of USA.

Mexico is the 13th biggest autonomous state of the whole world.

Mexico ranks at the 11th position of the most crowded countries of the world.

Mexico is the most densely populated country for Spanish-speaking people.

This country has suffered a lot on account of drug war which has continued ever since 2006 and has also taken the lives of 60,000 Mexicans.

Among all the Latin American countries that became members of OECD, Mexico was the first one to sign up.

Mexico politics - Mexico Facts For Kids

According to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this country stands at the 6th position of the world.

After USA took possession of Texas, it resulted in flaring up the war of US-Mexican War from 1846 to 1848.

The US-Mexican war was ended through a treaty according to which Mexico had to sacrifice 50 percent of its land to USA.

In the Mexican Revolution of 1910, it is believed that 900,000 people were exterminated out of the total inhabitants of 15 million.

Mexico gave $40 million to the UN routine budget back in 2008.

USA is the biggest trading country for Mexico.

Pico de Orizaba is the biggest peak in Mexico.

Mexico possesses almost 12 percent biodiversity of the entire world.

Just behind Brazil, Mexico is the next country with the speediest rate of logging.

The poverty percentage for Mexico is 44.2 percent.

According to the statistics, almost 51 percent of the people in Mexico are living in extreme poverty.

Mexico will become the 5th biggest economic country of the world by the end of 2050, as per Goldman Sachs.

As for the gap between well-off and poor, Mexico stands at the second position country with the maximum difference.

Mexico is the biggest manufacturer of automobiles in North America.

Mexico ranks at the 23rd position in the world among the countries generating maximum share of their revenue from tourism industry. However it stands first in the Latin America.

With the production capacity of 3.7 million barrels of oil every day, Mexico has become the 6th biggest country in the line of oil-producing states. It’s certainly one of the important Mexico facts for kids.

The hydropower plant of Manuel Moreno Torres Dam in Grijalva River (Mexico) is the 4th most efficient plant in the world.

The Mexico City International Airport is the forty-fourth biggest airfield in the world and every year it transfers 21 million travelers.

Mexico was the second biggest producer of TV sets in 2007.

Back in 2008, Mexico was the biggest manufacturer of smartphones. Did you know these Mexico facts for kids before?

Large Millimeter Telescope, the biggest undertaking in the field of science, was also accomplished in Mexico. It is the biggest telescope of the world with just single hole to see through.

USA receives the biggest number of migrants from Mexico as nearly 9 percent of the Mexicans have moved toward America.

The maximum number of Americans in the world settling in any single country is Mexico.

One of the primary TV networks of Mexico is Televisa, which is the biggest network for the Spanish people throughout the whole world.

The bullring in the Mexico City named as Plaza México is the biggest in the world with the capacity to house 55,000 spectators.

The literacy rate of Mexico in 2004 was 91 percent for the persons falling above 15 years of age while 97 percent for those falling below 14 years.

The killing proportion in Mexico back in 2010 was 18 for every 100,000 dwellers which is far greater than the world proportion 6.9 for every 100,000 dwellers.

A Quick Guide To Mexico Facts For Kids

Population: 113 million

The Capital City: Mexico City

The Biggest City: Mexico City

Currency: Mexican Peso

National Sign: Golden Eagle

Freedom from Spain: September 16, 1810

Height of Pico de Orizaba: 18,701 feet

Number of Species: 200,000

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