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Italy has rich cultural history of Greeks and breathtaking buildings of romans so Italy facts for kids are intriguing to know in detail. The most ancient city of Italy, Rome, was once the central hub of both cultural as well as spiritual wellbeing of Western society. However the country had undergone numerous incursions from outsiders as the Roman Empire falls off. But today tourism industry of Italy is continually rising and it’s been the topmost country that earns a lot from vacation industry. Italy is an imperative country in terms of worldwide political, armed forces and consular relations with other countries and with other European states. These important aspects of Italy make it one of the chief states in the region. It has also the higher percentage of lettered people and thus one of the developed countries of the world. Now let’s check it out some of the interesting Italy facts for kids below.

Most Fascinating And Memorable Italy Facts For Kids

The two biggest desert islands of the Mediterranean Sea are located on the southern part of Italy and are known as Sicily and Sardinia.

Italy ranks fifth amongst the most densely inhabited countries of Europe.

Italy stands at the twenty-third position for the most crowded countries across the globe.

Italy was divided into different local states until the arrival of the year 1862.

Italy stands at the twenty-fourth position in the list of most advanced countries of the world.

The third biggest gold reserves are also found in Italy.

Italy has the 8th biggest nominal Gross Domestic Product and the 6th biggest state finances across the globe.

The defence budget of Italy ranks among the 9th biggest in the world.

One of the hallmark designs of the Roman’s style is still present in Rome known as Colosseum.

During the 17th century, an epidemic bumped off almost 14% (1.7 million people) of the population in Italy.

During World War 1, over 650,000 soldiers of Italy breathed their last.

Alcide De Gasperi was the first Italian Prime Minister.

The biggest river of Italy is known as ‘Po’.

Italy is home to four volcanoes namely Stromboli, Etna, Vesuvius, Vulcano.

Italy ranks at the 12th position among the countries that yield most carbon dioxide in the world.

The biggest lake in Italy is known as Lake Garda.

Italy is the seventh biggest exporter of goods across the globe.

In 2005, Italy stands at the eighth position among the countries that have a high standard of life for its citizens.

Italy is the biggest manufacturer of wine in the world.

With a staggering number of 43.6million travelers from all over the world, Italy ranks at the 5th most-visited countries.

The church of Santa Maria del Fiore located in Florence (Italy) has the largest vault ever constructed with bricks.

The biggest university of Europe nestled in Rome known is named as La Sapienza University with the capacity of around 140,000 students.

The Bologna University is the earliest university of the world which dates back to 1088.

The biggest religious conviction in Italy is called Roman Catholicism as nearly 87 percent Italians call themselves Catholic.

A Quick Guide To Italy Facts For Kids

Population: 60.8 million

The Capital City: Rome

The Biggest City: Rome

Currency: Euro

Official language: Italian

Military expenses: 10th biggest in the world

Names of Notable architectures: Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa

Names of Notable Italian Artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo


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