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With the most advanced economy and high level of comforts for its citizens, Germany is indeed one of the major economies of the world. In Europe, Germany possesses the biggest as well as the strongest national economy. It has highly trained labor force and most sophisticated means of technology. Are you aware of some of the common Germany facts for kids? Well, Germany is an imperative state with most advanced network of transport system throughout Europe. That’s why the length of the toll road in Germany called as ‘Autobahn’ ranks at the third biggest in the world. Not only this, this motorway has also no speed limit and so this road is definitely for high-speed vehicles. Germany has also pioneered the making as well as the use of green technology in the world. Now let’s find out more in Germany facts for kids.

Most Appealing And Interesting Germany Facts For Kids

It is the most crowded state in all the European Union states.

It has the 4th biggest economy of the world according to nominal GDP and 5th biggest economy according to purchasing power parity.

Germany ranks second position among the list of biggest exporters of the world.

During the period of 2003 to 2008, Germany sustained its position as the biggest exporter of goods in the whole world.

Germany ranks third position among the list of biggest importers of the world.

It has the most ancient arrangement for Universal Health Care in the world.

Under the Thirty Years’ War of Europe (the most elongated session of wars in the history), most of the German estates were destroyed and its inhabitants were driven down to just 70% of the total population.

Germany pioneered launching of the currency in Europe (Euro) on January 01, 2002.

During World War I, almost 2 million soldiers of Germany departed this life. Did you know these Germany facts for kids?

The German Revolution was erupted in the month of November, 1918 and thereafter turned into a Republican state.

The country of France and United Kingdom announced the war against German forces thereby heralding the start of World War II.

The German administration disobeyed the agreement of Molotov–Ribbentrop and instead marched into Soviet Union in June 22, 1941.

Following the event of Pearl Harbor, the German forces announced war against USA.

Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler in World War II, the Nazis went into ethnic cleansing of 6 million Jews of Europe. This is known as ‘Holocaust’. One of the horrible Germany facts for kids!

The total number of German soldiers falling victim to the war was almost 5.3 million along with millions of innocent civilians lives too.

During the Cold War between East and West Germany in 1961, the Berlin Wall was constructed in order to ward off East Germany from getting access into West Germany.

When Angela Merkel became the Chancellor of Germany in 2005, it was for the first time in the history of Germany that the Chancellor was a woman.

According to the land area, Germany is the 7th biggest country of Europe while ranks sixty-two in the biggest countries of the world.

Germany is also home to the biggest number of children’s zoos and wildlife parks (registered) in the world with the total number of 400 wildlife sanctuaries.

The most ancient zoo in Germany is located in Berlin known as Zoologische Garten Berlin. The zoo houses most extensive array of wildlife species in the world.

Germany was the biggest donor of the European Union budget in 2011 sharing twenty percent of the income.

Germany ranked third position in the line of biggest donors to UN budget, sharing eight percent of income.

Max Planck and Albert Einstein were German physicists.

Germany is home to 103 Nobel Prize winners in the fields of Physics, Medicine and Chemistry.

The prize money for every award of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize in Germany is €2.5 million, which is the maximum awarded prize for the research at all times.

Germany ranks at the 6th biggest energy-consuming country of the world.

Just behind France and USA, Germany is the next biggest contributor of aid in the world.

In 2012, the unemployment rate in Germany is about 6.7 percent.

Out of the five hundred top corporations of the world as per revenue (Fortune Global 500), thirty seven companies have their Head Offices in Germany.

A Quick Guide To Germany Facts For Kids

Population: 81.2 million

The Biggest City: Berlin

The Capital City: Berlin

Official Language: German

Currency: Euro

Military expenditure: 9th biggest in the world

Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany: January 30, 1933


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