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Egypt is among the thickly inhabited states of Africa and the Middle East. Though majority of funds comes from the United States yet it contains huge deposits of coal due to which its energy market is growing quite rapidly. Egypt is the historical country and its legacy belongs to more than six thousand years before. Among all the countries of the Middle East, Egypt is the only state having most varied forms of economy like vacation industry and agricultural science industry. The primary source of income for Egypt is derived from the tourism industry and also from the stream of traffic that navigates the Suez Canal. Almost fifty percent of the inhabitants reside in metropolitan areas of Egypt with Alexandria and Cairo getting the maximum share. So how about discovering this country more in Egypt facts for kids?

Most Fascinating Collection Of Egypt Facts For Kids

Egypt ranks at the fifteenth position among the most densely inhabited countries of the world.

Majority of the Egyptians live alongside the shoreline of the River Nile (almost 82 million people).

In the event of Black Death during the 14th century, almost 40 percent of the inhabitants of Egypt departed this life. Did you know these Egypt facts for kids?

During the period between 1687 and 1781, there had been 6 food crises in Egypt.

Almost 1/6th of the total inhabitants of Egypt were killed in the famine of 1784.

Napoleon Bonaparte attacked Egypt in 1798. At the time, the total inhabitants of Egypt were just 3 million.

According to the land area, Egypt stands at the 30th position amongst the biggest countries of the world.

The total area of Egypt equals to 2 times the area of Spain or 4 times the area of UK or it also equals the joint sizes the two states of America that is California and Texas.

Almost 99 percent of the inhabitants of Egypt make use of just 5.5 percent of the total size of Egypt. Isn’t it quite weird Egypt facts for kids?

The major portion of Egyptian’s land is composed of barren region not including the section of Nile Valley.

Egypt has a total number of 450,000 armed troops.

Every year America makes a contribution of billions of dollars to Egypt for its military backing and in 2012, the US gave $1.41 billion to the Egyptian government.

There are just three religions accepted within the legal system of Egypt that is Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Hence no person belonging to other religious sect could obtain ID cards in Egypt like Bahá’í religious group but later on in 2008, another ruling passed which allowed other religious groups to have their ID cards without recognizing them officially and without writing down their religion on their cards.

According to the report of Amnesty International in 2007, Egypt was the hub of anguish and the place where unlawful immigrants are confined.

After the Iraq war, Egypt ranks at the third biggest beneficiary from the funds of USA by receiving almost $2.2 billion each year on average from 1979.

Almost 90 percent of the inhabitants of Egypt are Muslims while the lion’s share of the remaining people comprise of Christians.

With respect to the religious cruelty and showing hatred toward the minority religious groups like Christianity, the Pew Forum places Egypt in the list of twelve most horrible states of the world.

The maximum numbers of Nobel Prize winners in the Arab World as well as in the entire continent of Africa are native to Egypt. Not many people know these Egypt facts for kids.

The biggest city of Africa is Cairo (Egypt’s Capital) and it is also famous for the dissemination of knowledge and civilization for many hundred years.

The Nile Valley of Egypt holds some of the most ancient civilizations of the world.

Due to the happening of movie galas in Cairo every year, the capital city of Egypt is popularly called as the ‘Hollywood of the Middle East’.

As far as music is concerned, Egypt is among one of the daring countries of Middle East.

The national sport of Egypt is football.

A Quick Guide To Egypt Facts For Kids

Population: 90 million

The Biggest City: Cairo

The Capital City: Cairo

Official Language: Arabic

Currency: Egyptian pound

Battle of the Pyramids with French Forces: July 21, 1798

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