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You know why Battle of Gettysburg facts are very important to know and why this battle holds great magnitude in the American history? Well, because it is perhaps the decisive moment in the American Civil War. Major General George Maede leads the Army of Potomac while General Robert Lee leads the Army of North Virginia of the Confederates States of America. Both of them bang into each other at the place of Gettysburg as Lee lumps his troops together and his successful attacks from North, forces the Union army to move back to south. As Lee initiates another attack at Union left and right Flanks on day 2, an intense fighting breaks out. Going forward on the last day of battle at Culp’s Hill, the confederates attack with 12,500 personnel at Pickett’s Charge but face strong resistance from Union’s troops and ultimately move back to Virginia. So let’s check out some other hidden battle of Gettysburg facts.

Most Fascinating Collection Of Battle Of Gettysburg Facts

1. In the Civil War of America, battle of Gettysburg has the biggest number of fatalities.

2. With the 72,000 troops, Robert E. Lee makes his mind to attack from Virginia to the North on June 03, 1863 so in order to freak out Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

3. There were 94,000 troops in the Army of Potomac.

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4. The confederates take hold of forty African Americans of the North during the attack on the North.

5. Major General Joesph Hooker (who was commanding the Union Army of Potomac) steps down from his office on June 28. The President Abraham Lincoln agrees to take his letter of resignation happily as he was already finding ways to do away with him.

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6. The Battle of Gettysburg lasts for 3 days.

7. At the beginning of Gettysburg’s battle, a veteran and most distinguished military man of the Army of Potomac, Major General John F. Reynolds gets fired and tumbles over the ground from his horse. He was regarded as the army’s best general.

8. According to number of personnel employed in the war, the first day of the battle has so far been the twenty-third largest conflict of civil war.

9. In the first day, there were 22,000 troops from the army of Maede and 27,000 from the army of Lee fighting with each other.

10. The total number of victims from both sides adds up to 51,000 troops.

11. The casualties for confederates’ officers amount to one-third of its total strength.

12. The total number of fatalities from both rivals is 57,225.

13. During the entire war of Gettysburg, just 1 civilian is reported to have died. A 20-year-old girl named Jennie was fired while preparing bread in her kitchen.

14. Almost 3,000 bodies of horses are found after the war was over.

15. The Army of Potomac wins the war.

16. Even though Robert Lee was an indestructible rival but he lost the battle primarily due to self-assurance on his men and good performance of Maede’s Army.

17. Robert Lee was having chest pain at the time of war.

18. The name of the biggest regiment of confederates was 26th North Carolina having 839 troops in it.

19. As the battle wraps up after three days, the 26th North Carolina suffers the most with losing 687 of its personnel. It is the biggest number of fatalities of any one regiment in any single battle.

A Quick Guide To Battle Of Gettysburg Facts

Date of Start: July 01, 1863

Duration of Battle: 3 days

Place: Pennsylvania

Total number of soldiers in Lee’s army: 71,699

Total number of soldiers in Meade’s army: 93,921

Total personnel Killed of Lee’s army: 4,708

Total personnel Killed of Meade’s army: 3,155


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