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One of the tear-jerking events in the history of human race is the Holocaust facts that often make us unhappy when we dream up Jews of Europe during the Second World War. Adolf Hitler steers Nazis to massacre almost two-third of the European Jews. What’s more, it includes millions of innocent women and children as well. Before the happening of Holocaust, various legislation were passed to prevent Jews from holding any kind of official workplace like Nuremberg Laws. They also formed separate concentration camps wherein Jews were forced to work under life-threatening conditions and these things would carry on until their death. Besides, the Germans also made Ghettos where they would keep Jews until their transfer to the extermination camps. On their way to the camps, majority of Jews would often take their last breathe in gas chambers. After reading the Holocaust facts, you will definitely cry your eyes out and feel sorry for those six million Jews that sacrificed their lives in a miserable way. Now let’s find out more in the Holocaust facts for kids.

An Amazing Collection Of The Holocaust Facts

1. The word Holocaust is derived from the Greek term ‘holókauston’ which means to relinquish animal to the god so that it is burnt to a crisp.

2. The Holocaust is also called as ‘Shoah’.

3. In the Holocaust of World War II, almost 6 million Jews of Europe lost their lives. Alternatively, it was the mass destruction of 2/3rd of the total Jews.

4. Out of the 6 million Jews that were wiped out; 1 million were kids, 2 million were females and 3 million were males. 

5. Even before the Holocaust, Germany sought to impose laws in order to do away with the Jewish people from the German society.

6. During World War 2, the Nazi Germany made several extermination camps in Europe in order to slay millions of Jewish in an organized fashion. Firstly, they would lock them up in ‘Ghettos’ and then transport them to the camps where Jews were compelled to die for lack of food and hard labor. The most awful reality among the Holocaust facts! 

7. The Nazi Germany wiped out Jews from 35 states of Europe. 

8. In 1939 (when the WWII started), there were over 7 million Jewish people in East and Central Europe. 

9. In the subjugated region of Poland, 3 million Jews were eliminated. 

10. In the Soviet Union, 1 million Jews died. 

11. Even though in various other ethnic cleansings people used to switch their religions in order to save themselves however in the case of Jews in Europe, they had no such opportunity.

12. During the reign of Nazis of Germany, the first movement to stay away from the businesses of Jews was called together in April 01, 1933.

13. Adolf Hitler brought in the new laws against the Jews known as ‘Nuremberg Laws’. Under these laws, no Jew was allowed to get hitched with Aryans.

14. Albert Einstein left Germany in 1933 as he was flushed out from the Prussian Academy of Sciences and Kaiser Wilhelm Society.

15. When he reached Belgium, he swore not to go back to Germany.

16. In 1941, as the German forces assaulted Lithuania (Soviet Union), they took life of almost 176,000 Jews. 

17. Even though Hitler initially allowed Jews’ civil servants to carry on their workplaces (but only those Jews who were either heroes of the World War I or their ancestors had served in the armed forces), but afterwards in 1937 he invalidated this exception for Jews.

18. When Max Liebermann (Prussian Academy of Sciences) stepped down from the office of the President of Academy, no one felt sorry for him. Why? Because he was Jewish!

19. In 1943, as the police force showed up to apprehend and exile Max Liebermann’s wife (who was 85 years of age at the time and confined to bed), she preferred to die instead of being arrested. Hence she took an extra dose of Barbiturates drugs and passed away.

20. In Paris, a 17-year-old Jewish (Polish) boy took life of the German civil servant Ernst vom Rath on November 07, 1938. The name of that boy is Herschel Feibel Grynszpan. 

21. The Nazis assaulted estates of the Jewish people and smashed almost 1,668 synagogues of Jews and seven thousand stores and thus leaving not a single synagogue unharmed in the entire Germany. 

22. Under the Haavara Agreement with the Nazis, almost sixty thousand Jews from Germany were transferred to Palestine. 

23. In the concentration camp of Germany (known as ‘Nordhausen-Dora’) almost twenty thousand prisoners lost their lives. 

24. The biggest Ghetto in Germany was the Warsaw Ghetto containing 400,000 Jews. Later on, they would send them to the extermination camps to die. 

25. In 1941, almost 43,000 Jews lost their lives in Warsaw Ghetto primarily due to the Typhoid disease and lack of food.

A Quick Guide To The Holocaust Facts

Total Number of Jews in Europe: 9 million

Total Number of Jews Killed: 6 million

Number of Jewish Children Killed: 1 million

Number of Jewish Women Killed: 2 million

Total Number of Jews Killed in Soviet Union: 1 million

Total Number of Jews Killed in Poland: 3 million


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