Neptune Facts For Kids | Top 30 Most Amazing Facts

Neptune, a vivid blue-colored planet, remained undiscovered for many years since it was not accidentally found just like other planets. Scientists found it mathematically. Neptune is the most distant planet in our solar system but the discovery of Pluto in 1930 made Neptune the second most. The same belief continued until 2006 when International Astronomical Union decided that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. From now on, Neptune is the most distant planet. Now get ready for the most interesting Neptune facts for kids.

Neptune Facts For Kids

Who Discovered Neptune?

Galileo Galilee was the first one to point out Neptune as a star through a small telescope in 1612 – 1613 but he never marked it as a planet with surety. It was the Johann Gottfried Galle, a German astronomer, who discovered the planet Neptune in 1846. Before this, Neptune was nowhere in our solar system according to our scientists. Nevertheless, the discovery of Pluto as a mere dwarf planet stimulated the significance of Neptune in recent years.

Neptune has the Longest Year

For the reason that Neptune is very far from the sun, it takes Neptune too many years to complete one orbit. You can well imagine that a single year in Neptune is equal to 164.79 earth years.

Neptune Is the Coolest Planet

Neptune is by far the coolest planet in our solar system as its temperature often drops to minus 353 degree Fahrenheit.

Neptune is a Windy Planet

Neptune is the planet where strong winds and storms are not uncommon. They are almost ten times stronger as compared to the hurricanes on earth.

Fast Facts about the Planet Neptune

  • The mass of the planet Neptune measures around 102.43 x 1024 kg
  • Neptune has the volume of 6.254 x 1010 km3
  • The average density of Neptune is 1.638 grams/cm3
  • The mean diameter is 49,244 km
  • The mean radius is 24,622 km
  • There is no planetary ring system in our home planet whereas Neptune has rings.
  • The black-body temperature of Neptune is 46.6 k.
  • The perihelion measures around 4,444.45 x 106 km
  • Neptune has the escape velocity of 23.5 km/s
  • There are 13 natural satellites of the planet Neptune
  • The average orbital velocity is 5.43 km/s
  • The orbit period in Neptune is 60,183 days
  • It has the maximum visual magnitude of 7.78
  • Neptune has the Axial tilt of 28.32o
  • The surface gravity of Neptune is 11.15 m/s2

Orbital Parameters | Neptune Facts For Kids

  • The semimajor axis of Neptune is about 4,495.06 x 106 km
  • The sidereal rotation period of this planet is 60,189.9 days
  • The tropical orbit period in Neptune is 59,799.9 days
  • The synodic period in Neptune 367.49 days
  • The length of the day in Neptune is 16.11 hours
  • Neptune has an orbit eccentricity of 0.0113
  • It has the orbit inclination of 1.769o

Neptune Observational Parameters | Neptune Facts for Kids

  • Neptune has the minimum apparent diameter of 2.2 arc seconds from Earth
  • Neptune has the maximum apparent diameter of 2.4 arc seconds from Earth
  • Scientists discovered Neptune in 23rd September 1846
  • It has a maximum distance of 4,687,300,000 km from the earth
  • The minimum distance of Neptune from the planet Earth is 4,305,900,000 km

Neptunian Atmosphere | Neptune Facts for Kids

  • It has the surface pressure of about 1000 bars
  • The temperature at 1 bar equals to 72 K (-201 C)
  • The density at 1 bar equals to 55 K (-218 C)
  • The wind speed in Neptune is 0 to 580 m/s


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