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Earhart was an American pilot as well as a writer. She was among the pioneers to enter into the field of aviation. Earhart was the first lady pilot who flew on her own over the Atlantic Ocean. She was awarded with Distinguished Flying Cross (USA) for this achievement. So let’s discover more in Amelia Earhart facts for kids.

A Quick Guide To Amelia Earhart Facts For Kids

Full Name: Amelia Mary Earhart

Date of Birth: July 24, 1897

Place of Birth: Atchison, Kansas

Date of Death: July 2, 1937

Age: 39

Name of Husband: George Putnam

Basic Amelia Earhart Facts For Kids


  1. The name of her father was Samuel Edwin Stanton Earhart.
  2. The name of her mother was Amelia Amy Otis Earhart.
  3. She was born in her maternal grandfather’s residence in Kansas.Amelia Earhart - Amelia Earhart Facts For Kids
  4. The name of her maternal grandfather was Alfred Gideon Otis. He was a respectable personality on his own. He was a judge as well as the President of a bank named Atchison Savings Bank.
  5. Her full name represents the names of her grandmothers. The names of her two grandmothers were Mary Wells Patton and Amelia Josephine Harres. This was a family tradition.
  6. Edwin and Amy (her parents) were split up in 1924.
  7. The name of her sister was Grace Muriel Earhart. Earhart was 2 years older than her sister. Muriel was also called by her nickname ‘Pidge’.


  1. She had an engagement with an engineer Samuel Chapman but came to an end on November 23, 1928.
  2. Earhart fell in love with George Putnam (GP). They got married on February 7, 1931 in Connecticut.
  3. After her marriage with GP, Earhart did not change her name to Mrs. Putnam.
  4. GP and Earhart had no kids.

Early Years of Her Life

  1. In the year 1916, Earhart completed her graduation from Hyde Park High School in Chicago.
  2. In 1917, she went to her sister Pidge who was living in Toronto. She took guidance in Red Cross to work as a nurse.
  3. She worked in Spadina Military Hospital as a nurse. Here she used to cook food for the patients and also distributing medicines to the dispensary.
  4. In 1918, Spanish flu attacked Toronto and Earhart became infected from the diseases of sinusitis as well as pneumonia.
  5. In 1920, Earhart visited the beach in California called Long Beach with her father. She went to the landing field and met a US army aviator of World War I named as Frank Monroe Hawks on December 28.
  6. Earhart flew with Hawks for about 10 minutes and she instantly realized that she was going to be an aviator.
  7. Her father gave 10 dollars for the flight of Earhart with Hawks.
  8. Earhart saved 1000 dollars to learn flying lessons by doing different kinds of jobs like driving a truck and photography.

First Flying Years

  1. On January 3, 1921, Earhart started her first flying trainings in Kinner Field.
  2. The name of her teacher for coaching flying lessons was Neta Snook.
  3. In order to give an impression of a tattered appearance, Earhart slept in her leather jacket for about 3 nights.
  4. Earhart also cut her hair, in order to look similar to other lady pilots. 
  5. In 1921, Earhart bought a US Kinner Airster biplane. She gave it a pet name ‘The Canary’.
  6. Earhart set a new world record in October 22, 1922 on ‘The Canary’. She took the Airster to a height of about 14,000 feet above the ground. This was the maximum altitude achieved by any lady aviator.
  7. When she was given a license to fly an airplane on May 15, 1923, she became the 16th female pilot to have it.
  8. The license number of Earhart was 6017.Amelia Earhart on her plane - Amelia Earhart Facts For Kids

Later Years of Flying

  1. She sold a Kinner Airster and purchased a two-seater car. She gave it a nickname called ‘Yellow Peril’.
  2. In 1925, she worked as a social worker in Denison House, Massachusetts.
  3. In the year 1927, Earhart took on a flight from Dennison Airport which was the first flight ever taken from that airfield officially.
  4. On June 17, 1928, Earhart flew over Atlantic Ocean with another pilot named Wilmer Stultz from Newfoundland to Wales. Earhart did not fly in this trip. The entire journey took 20 hours and 40 minutes.
  5. Earhart set new world record and became the first female pilot in August 1928 to fly alone over North America.
  6. She set a new world record in 1931 on her Pitcairn PCA-2 autogyro to fly at a height of about 18,415 feet.
  7. She was the first President of the Ninety-Nines and took over as President in 1930.
  8. On May 20, 1932, she flew over the Atlantic Ocean alone starting her journey from Newfoundland to Northern Ireland. She was 34 at the time and the duration of the flight was 14 hours and 56 minutes.
  9. In 1935, Earhart took part in Bendix Trophy Race and came at 5th position.
  10. On March 17, 1937, Earhart made her first attempt to fly around the world on her Lockheed Electra 10E. However, it was failed due to some technical problems.
  11. Earhart made her second attempt to circle the world on June 1, 1937. She flew from west to east and was accompanied by Fred Noonan.
  12. Earhart probably died on July 2, 1937. No one knows the precise date of her death because her plane was just disappeared while flying over Pacific Ocean and heading to Howland Island.

More Amelia Earhart Facts For Kids

  1. She was the author of a number of books. Her books were among the best-selling books in the market. All of these books described her personal experiences during flying.
  2. She played an important part in the making of an institution called ‘The Ninety-Nines’ for the training of lady pilots.
  3. The nickname of Earhart was ‘Meeley’. She was also often called ‘Millie’.
  4. She became the first female pilot to fly alone over the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. She received Gold Medal from President Hoover on her flight over Atlantic Ocean.
  6. She became the first pilot who flew from Honolulu to Oakland in January 11, 1935.
  7. Earhart made 7 records for women in the field of aviation during 1930 to 1935.

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