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Japan is among the most thickly inhabited states of the world. It is also one of the most advanced countries of Asia and so its economy is growing at a staggering rate. In particular, Japanese innovation in the making of new and modern motor vehicles has set new trends for the upcoming manufacturers. With very low rate of unemployment, Japanese enjoy high standard of living. On account of saving the environment from global pollution, Japan has also consistently been trying hard to manufacture an environmental-oriented tool which is why Japan stands at the top twenty countries of the world. Besides, Japan is also striving to cut down the radiation of carbon dioxide and also taking sufficient steps to protect the climate. Hence just explore more about this fascinating country in Japan facts for kids.

The Collection Of Most Appealing Japan Facts For Kids

Almost 97 percent of the total area of Japan consists of four biggest islands of Japan.

Japan ranks at the 10th position among the most crowded countries of the world.

The biggest metropolitan area of the world is located in Japan known as ‘Greater Tokyo Area’. This area houses over thirty million dwellers of Japan.

Among the most ancient structures that are made of timber in the world are pagoda (a five-storey structure) and The Golden Hall of Japan.

The Book of Han of China writes down the term ‘Japan’ for the first time in the history of the world.

Japan was the first country to have Buddhism religion from Korea.

Earthquake in Japan - Japan facts for kids
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During the period of 62 years up till 1935, the Japanese residents were increased by almost 35 million.

Japan experienced the fiercest tremor of earthquake on March 11, 2011 in the Japanese history.

After France and USA, Japan is the next biggest contributor of official development assistance in the world.

The military budget of Japan is amongst one of the biggest finances of all time in the world.

There are 6,852 islands in japan. Did you know these Japan facts for kids?

Under the Japanese islands, there is a volcanic region from where majority of the tremors go bang and this place is known as ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’.

There are 108 volcanoes in Japan.

There are more than 90,000 species of natural life in Japan.

Tokyo Stock Exchange is the biggest stock exchange of Asia.

After China and USA, Japan stands at the third position among the biggest national economies of the world up till 2011.

Japan hosts some of the biggest as well as the most sophisticated producers of automobiles in the world.

The unemployment rate for Japan is almost 4 percent.

The life expectancy of women in Japan is the second biggest in the world.

One out of every six persons in Japan is badly off. Isn’t it quite interesting Japan facts for kids?

Japan ranks second position (Singapore being the first one) among the countries having lowermost homicide rates in the world.

As per the UN statistics, Japan stands third in the list of countries having lowermost infant mortality rate in the world.

Almost seventy three percent of the Japanese land is not fit for housing or cultivating purpose because it is woodland or rugged area. One of the rarely known Japan facts for kids!

Japan ranks at the second position in the world among the biggest producers of motor vehicles.

Among the list of advanced countries, Japan has the least tax revenues of the world.

Japan is home to few of the biggest banks in the world.

Among the corporations of Forbes Global 2000, Japan has 326 corporations.

The Japanese budget of research and development ranks at the third biggest of the world.

In the field of scientific research, 16 scientists of Japan received Nobel Prize Award.

The biggest and the most densely populated airfield of Japan is the ‘Nagoya Port’.

In 1971, the deadly tremor in Tokyo took life of more than 140,000 people in Japan.

A Quick Guide To Japan Facts For Kids

Population: 127 million

The Biggest City: Tokyo

The Capital City: Tokyo

Currency: Yen

National Language: Japanese

Military budget: 6th biggest in the world

Names of 4 Biggest Islands: Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku, Hokkaido

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