Switzerland Facts For Kids | Wealthiest Country Of Europe

It is a landlocked country and has a temperate climate. The economy of Switzerland is one of the most stable economies around the world. Switzerland has had no military conflict with any other country. It has largely adopted a policy of being a ‘neutral’ nation even in two world wars which is why its ground forces are mainly used for peacekeeping tasks. It has also got one of the strongest economies around the world. Now let’s have a brief look at this wonderful European country in Switzerland facts for kids.

Switzerland Facts For Kids

Official Name: Swiss Confederation

Official Date of Formation: August 1, 1291

Biggest City: Zürich

Official Languages: Romansh, French, German, Italian

Population: 7.9 million

National Airlines: Swiss International Airlines

History of Switzerland

  1. There are evidences of the oldest humans or species relating to humans that probably lived in Switzerland some 150,000 years before.
  2. The oldest agricultural villages in this country dates back to 5300 BC. They are discovered in Gächlingen.
  3. The oldest ethnic tribes of Switzerland that we know today are people from Hallstatt culture. This culture dates back to 8 century BC to 6 century BC of Iron Age. Another oldest people were from the La Tène culture of 450 BCE to first century BCE of Iron Age.

States (Cantons) in Switzerland

  1. There are 26 states of Switzerland that are known as Cantons of Switzerland.
  2. The biggest canton of Switzerland is Canton of Graubünden. It is also known as Grisons and is located at the easternmost part of the country.
  3. The newest canton of Switzerland is the Canton of Jura. It was made in 1979.

Switzerland Geography

  1. Switzerland is divided into 3 major landscapes. These are Swiss Alps, Swiss plateau and Jura mountains.
  2. One of the great European mountain ranges is the Alps. It is about 1,200 kilometers long and covers 8 countries. Almost 60 percent of Switzerland’s area is covered by the Alps.
  3. There are more than 1,500 lakes in Switzerland.
  4. About 6 percent of its area is covered with glaciers and lagoons.
  5. In Switzerland, there are almost 100 mountains that are as high as 4,000 meters or even more.
  6. Monte Rosa is the highest peak in Switzerland. The Italian word ‘Monte Rosa’ means ‘Pink Mountain’. It is also the second-biggest in the Alps mountain range. It is also called Mont Rose which is a French word.
  7. Located on the Pennine Alps is peak named The Matterhorn. It is the most popular mountain of Switzerland. It is 4,478 meters high and is also known as Monte Cervino.
  8. In the north of Switzerland, there are mountainous regions, having vast lagoons and it also contains the largest cities of the country.
  9. Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Switzerland. It is also known as Lake Léman.

General Facts about Switzerland

  1. Out of 132 countries that are committed to protect environment, Switzerland is the first country in Environmental Performance Index of 2012.
  2. In 2002, Switzerland was the first country that became a member of United Nations by referendum.
  3. There is no navy of Switzerland because it has no coastline.
  4. Zürich is the biggest city of Switzerland.
  5. Some of the dams of Switzerland are the tallest in the whole Europe.
  6. During 2012, the rate of life expectancy in Switzerland was the highest around the world. For males, it was 80.4 years and for females 84.7 years.
  7. It has no officially recognized state religion. However, Christianity is the dominant religion of this country.

Economy of Switzerland

  1. The biggest business partner of Switzerland is Germany.
  2. It stands at the 15th position as the biggest exporter of the world.
  3. In terms of skilled labor force, Switzerland ranks at the top of the world.
  4. It was the richest nation around the world in 2011.
  5. During 20th century, Switzerland was the richest nation of Europe.
  6. According to nominal GDP, it is the 19th biggest economy of the world.
  7. According to Purchasing Power Parity, Switzerland ranks at 36th position among the biggest nations of the world.
  8. In 2013, Switzerland had a biggest average around the world in terms of average wealth per adult.
  9. As per GDP per capita, Switzerland stands at the 8th position of the world.
  10. According to a report by World Economic Forum, the economy of this country is the world’s most competitive.
  11. According to the Index issued by World Bank called ease of doing business index, Switzerland is at the 28th position of the world.
  12. In Switzerland, only 37 percent of Swiss people hold possession of their houses.
  13. Switzerland stands at the 17th position as the biggest importer of goods around the world.

Education Facts about Switzerland

  1. Switzerland has 12 universities.
  2. University of Zurich is the largest university of the country. It consists of 25,000 students.
  3. University of Basel is the oldest university of the country. It was established in 1460.
  4. In tertiary education, Switzerland comes next to Australia as the second country that has a highest percentage of foreign students. In 2003, the rate of foreign students was 18 percent.
  5. About 113 Nobel Prize laureates are linked to this country.
  6. European Organization for Nuclear Research is the biggest laboratory for particle physics in the world. It is located in the Swiss city named Geneva. It is also called CERN.
  7. The most popular physicist Albert Einstein made his Special Theory of Relativity in the city of Bern, Switzerland.

More Switzerland Facts For Kids

  1. The official national holiday of Switzerland is celebrated on August 1. It is known as Swiss National Day. It was started in 1994.
  2. It is a landlocked country.
  3. Switzerland shares 6 percent of the fresh water of Europe.
  4. More than 50 percent of the country’s electricity is generated through hydroelectricity.
  5. The Federal Constitution of Switzerland is one of the oldest constitutions around the world.
  6. There are two houses in the Swiss Parliament. These are the Council of States and the National Council.
  7. There are 1000 museums in Switzerland.
  8. There are 4 official languages in Switzerland. These are German, French, Italian and Romansh languages.
  9. Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis player who made a world record of winning 17 Grand Slam in singles.

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