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Spain is a country located in south-western Europe with a population of almost 46 million. Covering an area of 504,782 square kilometers, it counts as the world’s 51st largest country. Twice the size of the American state of Oregon, the country comprises of 17 independent regions administrated by a federal government. Although its official name is Reino de Espana (Kingdom of Spain), the country became a Presidential Democracy with the Spanish Constituent Act of 1978. Located on the very ruins of far-western Greek Empire, the country has a comprehensive history, rich culture and diverse populace that develop keen interest in tourists. Kids would find the following these facts exciting:

Spain Facts For Kids

Tourist hotspot:

In the last forty years, the Spanish tourism industry has become second largest in the world. Worth 40 billion Euros it contributed almost 5.2% of the GDP in 2006. It’s pleasant historical monuments, diverse culture and healthy climate provides employment to a large portion of its citizens. Ibiza, a famous vacationer location collects 1430 million revenue from tourism each year.

Image Courtesy: Bullfighting:

La Fiesta Nacional, a bullfighting sporting event is held every year between March and October. Often called Corridas, the games have been part of Spanish tradition for thousands of years. However, some areas such as Cataluna have voted to ban bullfighting, emphasizing that the cruel sport is against animal rights. Still most people consider it a healthy pastime to visit these events to celebrate the bravery of the toreros (fighters).

Forgotten hero:                

The historical explorer, Christopher Columbus is a well-known figure for his remarkable act of discovering the Americas. Hailing from the Kingdom of Aragon in northeastern Spain, he brought tremendous fame to his beloved country. Ironically, no one knows where he was buried. The great Spanish hero has been deprived of a beautiful tomb befitting his feats.

The Moors:

The Moors were Arabs who attacked, conquered and ruled Spain for 800 years. They made great contributions to the field of science, arts and literature. Cordoba was the nerve center of the Moor Empire in Spain. At that time it was the most modern city in Europe with aqueducts, streetlights, chemists, plazas and military fortifications. Britain and France were victims of monarchal tyranny at that time. This period is better known as the dark ages.

Football frenzy: Spain facts for kids

Hosting two of the world’s most successful football teams, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid the country has a large population of soccer fanatics. The clubs are considered arch enemies, whose rivalry stems from General Franco’s dictatorship. Real Madrid was favored by the dictator and was more nationalist in nature. This created feelings of betterment in the Barcelona FC who were more liberal than others. This is why soccer fans follow their clubs wholeheartedly. For Spaniards soccer is not a sport. It is a religion.

Land of Rabbits:

When the Carthaginians ruled Spain in 300 BCE, they named the country Ispania. Literally, the word means land of rabbits. Pliny the Elder’s (a famous Spaniard historian) stories tell us that the Emperor Augustus commanded his troops to hunt rabbits to control their population. Declared a national pest, the animal was hunted widely to keep it away from crops. This is why rabbits have become an important of Spanish delicacy as 30 million of them are consumed every year.

Wordless anthem:

Viva Espania or the Royal March is the one of three national anthems of the world that has no official lyrics. Proposals were made over time but the country has strong separatist feelings in areas like Catalonia and Basque. Sadly, the people believe that is extremely difficult to write lines that will surely satisfy every citizen of the country.

Mega food fight:

Every year in summer, the country hosts a festival known as the La Tomatina in Bunyol, Valencia. Officially speaking, this is the world’s largest food fight which accommodates over 40,000 enthusiasts from the globe. The event is inaugurated by launching tomato launched rockets into the sky. The only rule of the fight is to squash the tomato into a pulp before throwing it at someone to avoid serious injuries.

These headings cover interesting facts of Spain’s history, culture and tradition. Children interested in educating themselves about world powers should study this knowledge and share it with their friends. Knowledge is a gift that grows by giving. Kindly let others know about the extraordinary nation of Spain as well.

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