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The oldest pyramids were built by the people of Mesopotamia. They called these structures ‘Ziggurats’. These structures were coated with golden color. The Pyramids of Giza are the biggest pyramids in Egypt. However, the greatest number of pyramids in the world is in Sudan. Every pyramid has minimum 3 surfaces from the outside which are triangular in shape. The most popular form of pyramid is however a square type. It has four triangle-shaped surfaces and its base is also square in shape. So now let’s discover more in pyramid facts for kids.

A Quick Guide To Pyramid Facts For Kids

Largest Pyramid in the World (by size): Great Pyramid of Cholula (Mexico)

Tallest Pyramid in the World: Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)

Number of Pyramids in Sudan: 220

Number of Pyramids in Greece: 2

Number of Pyramids in Spain: 6

Largest Pyramid of Native American: Monks Mound

Basic Pyramid Facts For Kids


  1. The pyramids of Egypt are the most popular pyramids. Few of the Egyptian pyramids are one of the biggest structures of the world.
  2. Egyptians started making these pyramids in about 2700 BC and continued up till 1700 BC.
  3. The first Egyptian pyramid was constructed by the king named Djoser. He was the king of the Third Dynasty of Egypt.
  4. The pyramids of Egypt were coated with white-colored limestone.
  5. The name of the architect who built the first pyramid was Imhotep.
  6. The biggest pyramids of Egypt are the Pyramids of Giza.
  7. During 2008, archaeologists explored 135 Egyptians pyramids.
  8. The Great Pyramid of Egypt is one the biggest pyramids around the world.
  9. Until 1311 AD, the Great Pyramid of Egypt was the biggest construction around the world. In 1311, the construction of ‘The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln’ in England became the tallest.
  10. Majority of Egyptian pyramids are situated in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
  11. The Egyptian royal pyramids were the last pyramids to be built. The name of the last king who built these was Ahmose.


  1. Sudan is the only country in the world that has maximum number of pyramids. Today, Sudan is home to 220 pyramids.
  2. Nubia is a region located along River Nile in Sudan. The Nubian Pyramids were built during the Kingdom of Kush (African kingdom) in this area.
  3. It is believed that there were almost 240 Nubian Pyramids in Sudan.
  4. Nubian Pyramids are also known as Pyramids of Kush.


  1. Igbo people are the local tribes of Nigeria and one of the Africa’s biggest ethnic groups. They built pyramids known as Nsude Pyramids.
  2. The material used in 10 pyramids was largely mud and dirt.
  3. These pyramids were built as a holy place for their gods to sit at the top of these structures.


  1. According to a Greek geographer of the second century AD named Pausanias, there were two pyramids in Greece. However, we do not know whether these structures were similar to the pyramids of Egypt or not because they are disappeared.
  2. The remains of one of the pyramids in Greece are in Hellenikon. There is also a second pyramid that exists in Ligourio (a village).
  3. These two pyramids do not resemble Egyptian pyramids. They are rectangular in shape rather than square and had big spaces inside them.
  4. These structures were probably constructed during 4th and 5th centuries.


  1. Located on Canary Islands in Chacona district, there are 6 pyramids that were constructed of lava stone. These 6 pyramidal structures are now called Pyramids of Güímar.Pyramid Facts For Kids
  2. The architects did not use mortar in these structures.
  3. They are rectangular in shape.
  4. They belonged to the 19th century AD.
  5. In the town of Güímar, there are now only 6 pyramids that still exist today. Previously, there had been 9 of them.


  1. One of the distinguishing features of Chinese pyramids is that all of them have flat or horizontal top.
  2. They are similar in shape to the Mexican pyramids called Teotihuacan pyramids.
  3. There are 38 pyramids in the Chinese city Xi’an in the province of Shaanxi.
  4. The most popular of all these tombs was the tomb of the First Qin Emperor called Qin Shi Huang. It took 38 years to build this tomb (246 BC – 208 BC).


  1. Mesoamerican pyramids are stepped pyramids. The main purpose of these structures in Mexico was the killing of human beings. The humans were sacrificed for a god which was a spiritual tradition.
  2. They are similar in shape to Mesopotamia’s pyramids called Ziggurats.
  3. According to the size of the pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Cholula is by far the biggest pyramid around the world. It is located in Puebla, a state in Mexico.
  4. The Great Pyramid of Cholula was started in third century BC and completed on 9th century AD.
  5. The Pyramid of the Sun is also found in Mexico. It is the third biggest pyramid around the world.

North America

  1. The Native Americans constructed big pyramids called platform mounds.
  2. They were made up of soil.
  3. The Monks Mound in Illinois is the largest structure built by the Native Americans. It was finished in about 1100 AD.

Roman Empire

  1. Located in the Italian city of Rome is the Pyramid of Cestius. It was built by the Romans during first century BC.
  2. It has the height of about 27 meters.
  3. There was another pyramid located in Borgo called ‘Meta Romuli’. However, it is no longer present because it was demolished in 15th century.

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