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The homeland of one of the fastest men on earth Usain Bolt claims to be a wonder of beauty on this earth,“The land of spring” or” land of wood and water “are few of the names used to describe the mesmerizing beauty of Jamaica. Jamaica is an island situated in the Caribbean seas proudly being the third largest isle of the Greater Antilles. We have gathered some interesting Jamaica facts for kids so continue reading.

It is the third most populated English speaking countries in America, after the United States and Canada .For the matter of fact Kingston is the most populated city in the country apart from being the capital itself.

Surrounded by a narrow coastal plain the country is dominated by mountains including the famous Blue Mountains.

The set back of being spotted in the hurricane belt of the Atlantic Ocean, storm damage is suffered by the place in significant frequency.

The tropical climate prevails in the island with the hot and humid weather. Dry and wet sandstone forests, rainforest, roaring woodland, wetlands, caves, rivers, sea grass beds, and coral reefs are among the variety of marine, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem.

Jamaica Facts For Kids

History of the Caribbean island

Jamaica was occupied by Arawak Indians when Columbus explored it in 1494 and named it St. Iago which remained under Spanish rule till 1655, when it finally appeared as a British possession.

Buccaneers controlled from Port Royal, the capital of that time finally which submerged in the sea in a terrestrial tremor or an earthquake in 1692.

Disease wiped out the Arawaks, and then blacks were imported as slaves to work in the sugar plantations.

Between 17th and 18th centuries Maroons consistently harassed the British, armed bands of freed slaves roaming the countryside.

Termination of the slave trade (1807) followed by the release of the slaves in 1833, and a reduction in sugar prices ultimately led to a depression that brought a revolution in 1865.

Conditions improved considerably and the following year Jamaica became a Crown colony. Dependence on sugar was reduced by introduction of Bananas.

5TH May 1953, Jamaica earned internal rights of self government.

In 1958, the organization of the West Indies Federation was headed by Jamaica.

On 6th Aug 1962, Jamaica became independent after a referendum.

Best places to visit in Jamaica

The land of water and woods has always achieved appreciation for its scenic beauty. To name a few of its places of tourist attraction would be incomplete without naming The Blue Lagoon in Portland (port Antonio). Due to its breathtaking beauty it has been a part of tourist manual for quite a some time now. The movie named “The Blue Lagoon” was filmed here. You will witness the lush green vegetation and the famous Blue Mountains are sipping the famous Blue Mountain coffee if you get to visit this piece of earth.

Another wonder of the Jamaican island is the Montego Bay. It is not a thing to surprise if sometimes it is referred as the tourism capital of Jamaica as indeed this is one of the places on the island. The fascinating beaches and its huge world class golf courses make it a paradise for travelers.

Ocho Rios is also a very popular among visitors especially who want to get married or looking for honeymoon spot. But it is equally famous for the dolphin cove and the Dunn’s river fall.

People of Jamaica

The prime language of Jamaica is English, spoken in impressive fashion with a unique Jamaican dialect but the street language is a patois. This dialect is musical and a combination of Spanish, English, Portuguese, a good amount of Jamaican slang and African phrases.

Churches are a common site on Jamaican countryside which reveals that the main religion is Christianity.

The family is normally united and provides economic, emotional, as well as spiritual support which makes them quite social in nature. These people are considered to be highly articulated.

Food of Jamaica

If you have a tingling taste buds and you get to visit the island you must not miss the delicacy called “jerk chicken”. We know that Jamaican cooking is often complimented by lots of spices. It’s a traditional meal there.

You will be perplexed by the name of the “rice and peas” as they serve you red beans instead of peas. It’s a mainstay of Jamaican food stuff.

Due to its proximity with seas and it is a coastline country, seafood is quite famous among the locals as well as tourists.

Best places for kids to go in Jamaica

Jamaica is kind of a wonderland for kids in terms of fun places to go. They could any time choose to hang out at banks of white river which is very much relaxing indeed.

Emancipation Park, Bob Marley Museum, and Devon House are some of the favorite spots for kids. Among which Devon House has some fantastic ice cream savoring the taste buds of the little travelers. Whereas the Bob Marley Museum displays the Marley’s guitar and other art crafts beside it is the world class Reggae’s star home.

At one junction you can see both the North and South Jamaica from the Hollywell Park which is 20 miles away from the capital city.

But the most preferred by kids is the Put N Play Amusement Park which is a must for them as it have numerous rides breaking their monotonous routine lives.

What is so special about Jamaica?

It’s undoubtedly a very special country for countless reasons as the spirit and ethnic mixture of people after intermingling for a long time to result in a creative, intelligent, athletic and cultural population that has crafted an impressive footprint over the globe considering the rapid development of the state.

The island is a busy tourist spot for its monuments and natural beauty. People are music lovers of the state as it stands proudly to be the birthplace of reggae music with world class names of Bob Marley and the rest of the family.

Many of the James Bond movie scenes are filmed on the island and are quite well known among the world class directors.


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