There are statistics about suffocation and other dangers linked to a child’s sleep time. These data talk about millions of infants who die during sleep time from accidental suffocation or other unknown reasons. 

These data draw awareness that a child has to be watched carefully during his sleep time and also the environment in which he sleeps in has to be made conducive for his lifestyle, properly ventilated, secured and comfortable. 

The snuggle nest happens to be a very portable infant sleeper, designed to give the baby more comfort and stability in an adult bed. This has the merit of creating closeness and also security for the child by the parents. 

Parents love the option of a snuggle nest because they can closely watch over the child. Now with the baby home, it’s no more the duty of the nurse to watch over the child. This shift requires responsibility and also the burden of making sure your baby is well taken care of can be excruciating.  

The uneasiness lies in their frailty and knowing that they are helpless without your help.  Now rather than going to bed worrying about your son in his crib, having no clue how he is breathing or sleeping or the fear of rolling over him if he was in bed with you. 

All these are reasons for choosing the snuggle nest. Usually, it is designed with three sturdy sides to make the child feel safe. 



Baby nest became very popular because doctors and healthcare professionals suggested that babies should be put to bed with their back, reducing the chances of the baby turning over during sleep. This was known to decrease SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 

Some health professionals do not really approve of co-sleeping. However, if you decide to have your baby sleep in your own bed, then a baby nest is recommended. This reduces the risk of rolling over your baby while you are asleep. 

The surrounding environment created by the snuggle nest is similar to the mother’s womb, which the baby is familiar with. This could easily get your baby to fall asleep. Babies are known for having difficulties in falling asleep when they are in an unfamiliar environment. 

Traveling to a new place could give your baby a tough time, but the snuggle nest would get him through those times. 


The snuggle nest enhances co-sleeping. Co-sleeping means sleeping in close proximity to one’s child. This could be in the same bed or the same room. Co-sleeping on the same bed is safer using a snuggle nest. This also is known tom reduce SIDS by 50%

Now let’s see the advantages of the snuggle bed.

  • Breastfeeding a child during the night becomes easier because, literally, your child is close to you. All that needed is for you to sit up and pick up your child.
  • Fewer bedtime hassle occurs. 
  • It makes your child feel safer
  • They’re a refreshing feeling of waking up to the sight of your smiling baby. it surely brightens up your day. 
  • Breastfeeding at night is known to help a mother maintain her milk supply. 
  • Babies get more sleep by co-sleeping. you could easily soothe him back to sleep when they wake up during the night. 
  • Also, parents get to enjoy more sleep time. 


The baby nest is the new product in the market you can find. They have no safety standards which guide and guarantee their safety. Baby nest with edges that are too soft could pose a threat to the life of the baby. it’s possible that the baby places his face on the soft edges and wouldn’t be able to change his position. 

Now, the E.U is taking a good look at this baby product to create a standard. This would enable parents to choose carefully and rightly, the best snuggle nests. Efforts are put into making a safer nest; some nests have breathable air mesh, which would allow the baby to breathe through. 


  • Safety: consider if the nest you intend getting has been tested and approved.  Check to see how soft it is on the sides and also the mattress. 
  • Durability: when getting a snuggle nest, have a quick guess of how long it would last because it’s expected that your baby would grow. So you need to know if you would be able to adjust the nest to your growing baby. 
  • Product material: the best material for the snuggle nest is Oeko-Tex standard 100 product class 1 certified material. this would guarantee that you are getting a product whose quality and safety are certified 
  • Functions: Some snuggles. nest has got the capacity to function in various ways. Endeavor to check out the guide or manual. it helps you save money and space by just getting one product. 


  • Baby should be put to sleep with his back on the bed.
  • Babies should have a firm sleep surface. A waterbed mattress, pillow, beanbag, sheepskin, or other soft surfaces should be avoided for the child. 
  • No loose pillows, stuffed animals, or sort blankets should be allowed close to the baby’s face. 
  • Do not sleep on the same surface as your baby when you are tired or have ingested alcohol or drugs. 

Is snuggle nest safe? Carefully reading this article, we would realize that they are safe for use. However, a lot of consideration has to be made. There are other factors that simultaneously work together to ensure the use of the snuggle nest is safe. 

Therefore, every parent who chooses to make use of the snuggle nest for co-sleeping has to abide by the necessary guidelines to ensure the safety of their baby. 

Snuggle nests are portable and help the baby sleep easily when in a new environment. This is highly needed when you travel with your baby. I hope I could provide you adequate information about the snuggle nest and its numerous benefits.


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