A Look at Some of The Alternatives to Fish for Your Aquarium

Pets are wonderful things and you can share some truly unique and magical moments with them. A family pet is the staple of many people’s lives, and dogs and cats are the two most popular animals that people have. Kids love animals and a pet is a great way for them to learn about animals, as well as responsibility in taking care of them.

Some pets are high maintenance such as a dog, which will require regular walks throughout the day and lots of exercise. Cats on the other hand require less work, but there is still a lot involved with them such as the frequent changing of their kitty litter, as well as grooming and looking after them.

One pet that is very low maintenance is fish. Home aquariums are very popular and can really add charm and character to a room. Fish themselves don’t need much pampering. You don’t need to take them out for a walk. You don’t have to worry if they have water to drink. All you will have to do is make sure you feed them and to clean out their tank every so often and replace it with fresh water.

However, not all home aquariums have to be for fish. There are a variety of other pets that you can have in your fish tank besides the classic, but very popular, goldfish. Here we will take a look at some of the alternatives that are available.

Shrimps and Lobsters

Now most people wouldn’t really consider a shrimp or lobster as an ideal pet, but there are many people who have them at home. It is quite simple going about setting up a shrimp tank, and for most part, you wouldn’t really do much different that you would if setting it up for fish.

Having an invertebrate-only aquarium at home is a great idea and something different. As with regular fish, these are also very low maintenance, and don’t require any special attention. You’ll need to decide between a freshwater or marine aquarium, and this will obviously influence the type of invertebrates you can have inside, but there are lots to choose from, and they come in all colours and sizes.

One very popular shrimp is the Ghost shrimp, which is a very low-key and discreet option, but one that can actually help to keep your tank clean. Another is the coral banded shrimp which come in beautiful colours and add a touch of flare to your home aquarium.


These unique fish are becoming more and more popular with home aquariums and are often referred to as the “Walking fish” because of its front and back legs. They look like a type of lizard, but swim the way a fish does. It is actually a salamander, but unlike others that can live in and out of water, the Axolotl spend all their life underwater.

If you are planning on getting Axolotl you will want to have a large fish tank, as they can reach up to 13 inches or so when fully grown. They come in a variety of colours including gold, black and pink. The best type of aquarium for these would be a bare-bottom one, so it will be much easier for you to clean and look after.

Another very important thing to mention if you are planning on getting any Axolotl is that the water in your tank must be changed on a regular basis, or at least have a very good filter system placed inside.


One other very unusual addition to your home aquarium could be a starfish. Most people would not have considered having one as a pet, but they are very easy on the eye and laid back. They will feed mainly on the waste and food that is found on the bottom of the tank, as they are scavengers by nature.

As with Axolotl you will need to make sure that your tank is one with a lot of space, and not a small 10×10 inch fish tank. Starfish need space to roam about. If you are planning on adding a starfish to your aquarium, then you will need to make sure that the water in the tank is prepared and stable (and in some situations is properly treated), as sometimes they do not react well with water changes. It is advisable to speak to an expert such as at your local pet shop to learn more about having a pet starfish.

Fish will always be the kings and queens of the aquarium, but sometimes, people want to have something a little different, and what better way to achieve that than by opting for a shrimp tank, or adding a couple of Axolotl to your existing aquarium setup.

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