Golden Gate Bridge Facts For Kids

There was no route to reach San Francisco from Marin County before the completion of Golden Gate Bridge. The Ferry service was therefore, introduced in 1820 as the only way between Marin County and San Francisco. In 1916, the proposal for the construction of Golden Gate Bridge was made. Let’s discover more in Golden Gate Bridge facts for kids.

A Quick Guide To Golden Gate Bridge Facts For Kids

Starting Date of Construction: January 5, 1933

Total Cost: $35 million

Chief Engineer: Joseph Baermann Strauss

Total Length: 8,981 feet

Total Width: 90 feet

Height: 746 feet

Completion Date of Construction: April 1937

Opening Date: May 27, 1937

Number of Vehicles per day: 110,000

Basic Golden Gate Bridge Facts For Kids

Design and Construction

  1. The first suggestion for building the Golden Gate Bridge was made by an Engineer named James Wilkins in 1916.
  2. The US architect who designed the towers of this bridge, its streetlights, alleys, barrier and other decorations was named Irving Morrow.
  3. The basic design for the structure of Golden Gate Bridge was given by Leon Moisseiff.
  4. The name of the construction company that completed this bridge was McClintic-Marshall Construction Co.
  5. During its construction, 19 workers fell down but luckily they were saved because of the safety nets. Later on, they made a special club known as ‘Half Way to Hell Club’.
  6. A total of 11 workers died during the construction of this bridge.
  7. A diner is situated at the southeastern side of the bridge. It is known as Bridge Round House. It was designed by Alfred Finnila and finished in 1938.

Opening Ceremony

  1. The bridge was opened for the first time on May 27, 1937. This opening gala was continued for about 7 days.
  2. Almost 200,000 persons strolled on this bridge just one day before Golden Gate Bridge was opened for the motor vehicles.
  3. A song was officially dedicated to this bridge by the name of ‘There’s a Silver Moon on the Golden Gate’.
  4. Unique Features
  5. Golden Gate Bridge was the only suspension bridge that had the longest main span all over the world up till 1964. The length of this main span is 4,200 feet.
  6. Today, this bridge stands at the second position that has the second-biggest main span in USA. The bridge at the first position in USA is in state of New York called Verrazano–Narrows Bridge.
  7. Until 1998, the towers of Golden Gate Bridge (standing high above water) were the biggest in the world by any suspension bridge. The height of these towers is 746 feet.
  8. Golden Gate Bridge does not come under Highway System of the state of California.
  9. Golden Gate Bridge is also the second bridge in the world from where maximum number of people commits suicide.

More Golden Gate Bridge Facts For Kids

  1. The color of this bridge is ‘International Orange’.
  2. When a person dives into water from the floor of Golden Gate Bridge, it takes him 4 seconds to reach at the surface of water.
  3. The speed at which a jumper hits water surface from Golden Gate Bridge is about 75 mph.
  4. This bridge was shut down for 3 times ever since it was built. The first time was on 1st December, 1951; the second time 23rd December, 1982; the third time was on 3rd December, 1983.
  5. There are 6 lanes in this bridge.

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