George Washington Facts For Kids – The First President of America

George Washington was the true colonial patriot who very boldly led the revolution against Englishmen. The whole American nation owes him for his phenomenal efforts in winning the independence for United States. His efforts and his personality as a whole will long be admired in the realm of country’s freedom from slavery.  Let’s see how much you crave for these amazing George Washington facts for kids.

George Washington Facts For Kids

  1. George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmorland County. He made many changes in the constitution which clearly laid down the status of president.
  2. George was unanimously elected as the president on February 4 1789 and he served two terms in his office.
  3. Since George was the first one to lead the country, he brought about many customs of government machinery that are still being practiced. Some of these customs were the cabinet system or delivering an inaugural address.
  4. Not only his personality traits inspired people but also his leadership style left an unending mark on the minds of Americans.
  5. He was born in a well-off family of Colonial Virginia, his father owned tobacco slaves and plantations. However, he lost his father and his brother too early in his lifetime. George then started living with William Fairfax, who raised him as a soldier and surveyor.
  6. In April 12, 1743 Washington’s father passed away.
  7. In 1747, George decided to live with his half-brother, Lawrence in Mount Vernon.
  8. On July 1752, Lawrence had died due to smallpox. For the first time, George took over the post of Lawrence in Virginia militia.
  9. In October 31, 1753, George began his maiden military mission to convey a message requesting that the French must depart from the Ohio Valley.
  10. On May 24 1754, George American Troops under the leadership of George Washington began a surprise attack on French at Fort Duquesne.
  11. On January 6 1759, Washington got married to Martha Dandridge Custis.
  12. On May 10 1775, a second Continental Congress was convened in which issues regarded independence from Britain was discussed.
  13. On June 15 1775, George became the Commander-in-chief of continental army.
  14. In the initial stages of Indian and French War, George for the first time held an important senior position. George signed a peace treaty by the name of Jay Treaty with Great Britain in 1795, in order to avoid any warfare between the two countries.
  15. George left presidency on March 15 1797 and returned back to his home in Mount Vernon where he muddled through many business enterprises.
  16. George died in December 14 1799 in his home in Mount Vernon.

“How my very soul goes out to people who have not figured out the first rule of true happiness and Divine Love, which must reign the world”

                                                                             (George Washington)

Unknown George Washington Facts For Kids

  1. When George Washington was fourteen, he tried to join British Army and it is said that Americans might not have won the Revolutionary War had Washington gone away to sea. Americans owe a great deal to the George’s mother who didn’t let him to join British Army.
  2. Augustine Washington was the father of George Washington. He had two wives; his first wife passed away in 1729 who gave him three children: George’s half-brothers Lawrence and Augustine, and half-sister Jane. Washington was born to the second wife (Mary Ball) of Augustine. Mary Ball gave birth to six children out of which George Washington was the oldest.
  3. John Washington was his great grandfather who crossed an Atlantic Ocean as a shipmate. He was an English adventurer.
  4. It is thought that the original date of birth of Washington was February 11 and not February 22. It so happened that at the birth of Washington English colonies was using Julian calendar. The calendar gained one day about every 134 years which is why it was soon swapped with the Gregorian calendar by the 16th century. However, England accepted it 200 years later in 1752. There was a difference of eleven days between the two calendars and George’s date of birth moved from Feb. 11 to Feb 22.
  5. Washington however was not convinced by these changes and he continued to celebrate his birthday on February 11 which he also mentioned in the journal published few days before his death.
  6. George met too many tragedies in the early part of his childhood. He lost his half-sister Jane while he was an infant and when George was only one year old, his other sister Mildred left him.
  7. Washington’s mother was too strict as she often scolded him and his siblings. George was supposed to look after his brothers and sisters, a duty which his mother imposed on him. When George became the president of the United States, his mother often complained about him for not visiting her too often.
  8. When George was sixteen he fell in love with Sally Cary Fairfax, but their friendship did not turn into marital relationship because Sally was already married; nevertheless sally and her husband were good friends of George.
  9. George used to write his life adventures in his personal diary with times to remember with his beloved Sally.
  10. George also wrote some poems while he was young. He was shy and indifferent but he was a good horsemen and dancer.

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