Eiffel Tower Facts For Kids

What’s the first thing that grabs your mind when anybody says that he has been to Paris? Eiffel Tower, right? And why not! This grand lattice structure with its towering height and unique design seals the name of Paris amongst the cities having one of the tallest and historical monuments of the world. Designed to celebrate the anniversary of French Revolution in 1889, the tower appeals millions of visitors worldwide every year. Its majestic design looms at a fair distance and appeals its admirers from all over the world. The height of the tower, the four-lattice bases, magnificent restaurants inside it and the elevators together with the deck to have panoramic views of the city, all these features speak for itself. What’s more for us inside the Eiffel tower facts for kids. Do you want to know more, than just stay around because we’re going to have a thrilling journey in Eiffel tower facts for kids. So don’t go away because there are some hidden facts about Eiffel tower that you may have overlooked.

Hidden Secrets In Eiffel Tower Facts For Kids

Alexander Gustave Eiffel comes up with the design of this staggering tower in 1882. That is why it is named after him.

An International Paris Exihibition was conducted to party anniversary for the French Revolution and Eiffel Tower was constructed as a doorway to this show.

Within a massive span of about five thousand years, the tower is considered to be the only architecture that has outperformed the Pyramids of Egypt in terms of height by measuring 312 meters high.

The structure is entirely built of iron and is comprised of more than 18,000 iron pieces perfectly brought together. These parts have extremely less weight.

Before Chrysler Building of New York, Eiffel Tower was the highest structure ever built and maintained its top position for about forty one years.

With the installation of radio tower on its top in 1959, the elevation was further stretched by 20 meters (56 feet).

The tower ranks among the earliest and most elevated buildings that have elevators for the visitors.

In order to protect Paris from the attack of Koopa Troopas, Luigi showed up at the site of this tower.

Almost six million tourists visit this tower every year.

Eiffel tower ranks on top of all the architectures in Paris.

The tower moves by 4.5 inches in case forceful breeze strikes it.

The designer Gustave was also backed by 50 skilful engineers while formulating 5,300 rough copies of the structure.

Almost one hundred laborers were engaged for the construction of its parts while the number of site workers amount to three hundred.

Eiffel tower is also famous for its tourists and highest number of tourists drops in on this architecture throughout the entire world.

Many tourists also enjoy the 915-feet high observatory on this tower which is the tallest of all European podiums where tourists can approach and witness the elegance.

Almost one hundred different sketches were put forward in order to construct the tower and Gustave took the lead.

Do you know the height of Eiffel tower equals to a house of eighty one storeys?

The size of this tower is two times the height of Dome of St. Peter, which is in Rome.

In France, the tower ranks at the second position amongst the highest constructions and lying just below Millau Viaduct of France.

The tower comprises of three levels and tourists can have an option of climbing over either by feet or elevators.

If you decide to take flight of steps, you’ll come across three hundred steps between the first two levels.

More Eiffel Tower Facts For Kids

There are four very hard slabs on which the tower stands up and the size of every slab is about 6.6 feet.

There were 300 manual workers engaged on the site of this tower.

In the process of manufacturing of this tower just one employee passed away.

The city council president named Nouguier was among the earliest and very few visitors who went up to the highest level of the tower. But at the time, there was no elevator so they had to rely on their feet only.

After the official unveiling of Eiffel tower in May 1889, the tower was exposed to the general public but after 9 days.

The initial lifespan of this structure was twenty years (after which the tower had to be razed to the ground) according to the permission granted to Gustave. However, because of its immense usage in transmission of messages the decision was overturned and so the structure maintained its glory afterwards.

The artistic thing about this great designer is that the tower didn’t require modification after it was made thanks to the 100% correct calculations of Gustave.

Due to the elegant style of this tower, the creator was presented with French Legion of Honor.

The influx of people was started even in its final stages of completion and nearly 1,900,000 (1.9 million) tourists dropped in on Eiffel tower back in 1889.

All these visitors disbursed entry charges in order to lessen the cost of manufacturing which amounts to $1.5 million.

All the three levels of this tower provide a breathtaking spectacle of the city for almost fifty miles.

The repairing procedure of Eiffel tower is conducted after a regular interval of seven years.

One of the strange Eiffel tower facts for kids is that all the components were fixed without piercing or making a hole into the structure.

A Quick Guide To Eiffel Tower Facts For Kids

Name of Creator: Alexander Gustave Eiffel

Names of Designers: Émile Nouguier, Maurice Koechlin

Date of Start: July 01, 1887

Date of Completion: March 31, 1889

City of Tower: Paris

Site of Tower: Champ de Mars

Total height: 1,020 feet

Total weight: 13,200 tons

Size of Base: 412 feet


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