Bermuda Triangle Facts For Kids | The Devil’s Triangle

Bermuda triangle is a loosely defined area in the western North Atlantic Ocean where everything seems to disappear. The triangle stretches from the island of Bermuda to Miami while going through the southern Florida extending through Puerto Rico to as far as 15o C North Latitude then again comes back to Bermuda. This region is commonly called Bermuda Triangle. The triangle has a long history of mystery; things like planes, boats, and people disappear without leaving any wreckage or trace.

Bermuda Triangle Facts For Kids


  1. Bermuda Triangle earned its reputation when Flight 19 was disappeared on December 5, 1945. During this flight, five aircrafts had disappeared.
  2. The Miami Herald (Associated Press) was the first ever magazine to publish an article in which the writer mentioned the mystery of Bermuda triangle.
  3. The article in the Miami Herald was published on September 17, 1945. Edward Van Winkle Jones was the writer.
  4. Larry Kusche absolutely swept all these allegations under the carpet and he refused to accept the reality of Bermuda triangle. Larry wrote a book ‘The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved’ (1975).
  5. Larry argued that triangle is mostly under the heavy tropical storms that could lead to the destruction of objects. He said that Bermuda triangle is a mystery manufactured by many writers.

Mystery and Explanations

  1. Even though it is hard to measure the exact boundaries of a triangle, but some say that it has a total area of 1.3 million to 3.9 million sq. kilometers.
  2. However the bizarre it may appear the fact is that the triangle gets a heavy traffic of ships travelling towards America, Europe or even Caribbean Islands each year.
  3. Scientists have given a natural explanation to this mystery. They believe the compasses have strong magnetic variations with respect to the magnetic poles.
  4. The surface velocity of the Gulf Stream (Deep Ocean current) is up to 2.5 meters per second—enough to carry with itself a small plane or boat.
  5. Human error is most likely to cause such accidents as in the case of Harvey Conover’s death on January 1 1958 when he sailed into the heart of worst storm.
  6. Powerful storms and violent cyclones are able to destroy anything comes in its way. These storms might be the reason of Bermuda accidents. The winds are able to move as fast as 140 km/h.
  7. The worst incident in the history of U.S. Navy took place on March 4, 1918 when 309 crews were disappeared as the collier USS Cyclops vanished without leaving any trace.

Did you Know…? Bermuda Triangle Facts For Kids

  1. A single storm in the Bermuda triangle can cause 8 – 10 inches of rain within few hours.
  2. Some of the triangle’s waters are as deep as 30,000 feet.
  3. Scientists believe that the ocean currents with a depth of hundreds of feet move in the opposite direction just beneath the Gulf of Stream.
  4. The U.S. Navy has absolutely denied the existence of any such triangle. According to U.S. officials, such triangle never exists.


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