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A beautiful little girl by the name of Anne at once becomes victim of a terrible event that gobbles up nearly six million Jews who were brutally killed by Nazi Germany in Holocaust during World War II. Yes, that’s right. Her name is Anne Frank and the only mistake of Anne was that she was a Jew and more than that, she was born in Germany. The story goes on and meanwhile Anne maintains her own personal diary in which she writes incidents that had occurred during her two-year hiding with her family when Nazis marched into Netherlands. This diary became a hallmark of Anne afterwards and she became a popular holocaust victim in no time but only after her death. Now let’s have a look at Anne facts for kids for more details and see what it brings to us.

Anne Frank Facts For Kids


Date of Birth: June 12, 1929

Place of Birth: Germany (Frankfurt)

Date of Death: March 1945

Place of Death: Concentration camp (North Germany)

Age: 15

Reason for Popularity: She wrote a diary called ‘The Diary Of A Young Girl’ in which she mentions her personal experiences about Holocaust

Basic Anne Frank Facts For Kids

Parents And Siblings

  1. The name of her father is Otto Frank. He was the only survivor of the family in Holocaust. During World War I, he was a German army officer. He died on August 19, 1980 due to lung cancer.
  2. The name of her elder sister is Margot Frank.
  3. The name of her mother is Edith Frank-Holländer. She died on January 6, 1945 due to hunger because she was trying to save some food for her two daughters: Margot Frank and Anne Frank.

Early Life And Her Family

  1. In 1933, her family travels from their home in Germany to Amsterdam. This is the same year when Nazi German forces grabs power over their country.
  2. During a period of 6 years (from 1933 to 1939), almost 300,000 German Jews left their homeland. Anne’s family was one of them.
  3. She spends major portion of her life in Netherlands.
  4. Anne’s father gives her an autograph book (as a birthday present) when she turns 13. Anne uses it as a diary and starts writing her experiences on it.
  5. As Nazi Germany attack Netherlands in 1940, Anne’s family prepares to go for hiding.
  6. Anne and her family hide themselves from Nazis in the house for about two years until they are eventually arrested.
  7. The name of her friend is Toosje Kupers. She was also a very good neighbor. Anne gives her a book along with some other things like a tin of marbles and a cat right before she goes into hiding with her family.
  8. As Anne’s family was hiding in a room, another Jewish family joins them. But Anne doesn’t like them at all particularly Auguste van Pels (a young girl from that family). Anne calls her a stupid girl and further says that her family is also selfish because they eat all the food.
  9. Anne falls in love with Peter van Pels (a 16-year-old boy from the family that joins them).
  10. According her father, the dearest friend of Anne was Bep Voskuijl (a typist).

The Diary Of A Young Girl

  1. She wrote a diary to record her daily events.
  2. It was originally written in Dutch and later translated into more than 55 different languages.
  3. The first edition of this diary was published after her death in 1947 and the title in Dutch means ‘The Secret’.
  4. Soon after the diary was published as a book and it became famous by the name of ‘The Diary Of A Young Girl’.

More Anne Frank Facts For Kids

  1. Anne was a lively kid and always loved talking to people.
  2. She was fond of reading, writing and watching movies. Though her greatest initial love was to become an actress but later on she thinks that she is going to be a journalist when she grows up.
  3. The house of Anne Frank is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is now turned into a museum.
  4. The statue of Anne is also located in Amsterdam. It was built by a famous Dutch sculptor named Mari Silverster Andriessen.

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