Adolf Hitler Facts for Kids | Rare Facts about Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany in  World War II. As Furher, guide of the nation, he held the German empire under his dictatorship from 1933 to 1945. He was a merciless leader who fought his enemies fiercely. His main opponents were France, Britain, America and Russia. Hitler is considered one of the most evil men in history as he was responsible for the Holocaust; extermination of the Jews by the German empire. He believed in an ancient Germanic tribal prophecy, which states: One day a leader would rise amongst the white men and conquer the world to establish a kingdom which will rule for a thousand years. This kingdom was called the Third Reich and it was the official name of Hitler’s government. Didn’t these amazing adolf hitler facts for kids evoke new understanding?–So let’s move on to some more facts.

Well, we all know historical details, but  the question arises what made him such a great leader in the eyes of the German people? It was his personality that made him a dictator. There are quite a lot of events in his life that shaped his personality and made him a rather controversial figure in the eyes of the world. These weird facts molded him and distinguished him among all the other dictators, so let’s check them out!

Adolf Hitler Facts For Kids

School Dropout:

At the age of 16, Hitler dropped out of school. As a kid, he was very aggressive and impatient which meant he had a hard time studying. As a born leader, he had a rigid personality which raised disciplinary issues with his teachers. He was also a slow learner. Hence, he was unable to maintain good grades and was eventually kicked out of school. After dropping out, he traveled to Vienna to struggle for his career in art.

Hitler with the paint brush:

During 1908-13, Hitler produced hundreds of art pieces and sold them to make a living in Vienna. He applied in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna to become a professional painter, but failed to pass the entrance exam due to his weak foothold in academics. On failing the exam twice, an instructor told him that he was not suitable for being an artist; however, he would make him a tremendous architect. Though, that would require him to continue his schooling. Unwilling to educate himself, he gave up hope of being an artist.

Hungry for vegetables:

After the First World War, Hitler developed a habit for eating greens regularly. When the Second World War surfaced, he became a proper vegetarian. Belonging from the farmer community, Hitler had a developed taste for potatoes, carrots and turnips. At dinners he would often tell his guests about the benefits of eating healthy vegetables, and discourage them to stay away from having meat because it damages one’s kidneys. In a heated argument with a fellow Nazi, Hitler said, “there’s one thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian.”

Hitler didn’t go to bed early:

It’s hard to think how a man responsible for an entire country could find peaceful sleep. This was right in the case of Hitler, who read books, devised strategies, and if nothing else, paced diagonally in his room after midnight. His average sleeping time was around four to five in the morning. Due to this, Nazi Generals would often get brilliant tactics from Hitler after he spent a few sleepless nights plotting tactics in his quarters.

Fashion lover:

An interesting habit of Hitler was that he would always wear a trench coat. Even when he was inside his home, near a fire and even sweating, he never took off his coat. In his point of view, a leader should always look eye catching. His medals, cap and boots with a long leather coat made him look dashing. No wonder he was such a big celebrity.

Big fan of the circus:

Yes, you read it right. Ever since he was a child, Hitler was fascinated by street performers, musicians and magicians. As Furher, he still attended the circus whenever he was free from administrative duties.

Hitler hated sports:

Hitler had a disturbed childhood as he was bullied by stronger kids. He was intimidated for being shy, gullible and lazy. He did not participate in recess games as a child which was the cause for his hatred toward sports and athletics.

Trademark mustache:

In the WWI, Hitler had a huge mustache that covered almost  his entire face. It was a hindrance to him whenever he wore a mask to protect himself from mustard gas fumes. His officer ordered him to remove it. That is when he first saw Charlie Chaplin’s style and adopted it for himself. His comrades made fun of him, but he said “I’ll make this mustache my identity”, and he surely did.

Now, that you know so much more about Hitler’s personality—his  background story, his likes and dislikes. I bet you will amaze your friends and family by telling them these details. Well what are you waiting for?


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  1. Fact 9. He was the greatest man of the last generation.

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  3. He did amazing things for his county, but many see him as horrid but in that time zone people thought it was ok to kill Jews. Its like how people in the 70’s thought it was ok to dress the way they did

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  5. It’s pretty obvious who is behind this. Taking a page right out of the enemy’s book — get the kids minds while they’re young! Makes me sick.

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  11. ah was definitely no a good man. he was for his country. yes he protected it but it was not pleasant thought.

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    lies he did good things for america too. He brought america out of the great depression with the war everyone could have a job.

  13. Hitler was a terrible person

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