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Abraham Lincoln has been among one of the three distinguished Presidents of America with Franklin D. Roosevelt and George Washington the other two greats. So why not to study some of the amazing Abraham Lincoln facts for kids? He is one of those men who have truly shaped the course of American history by leading his country to breeze through the crisis of American Civil War and also playing a significant role in putting an end to the long-lasting evil of slavery. He is a tall, strapping guy and though his father, Thomas, is among the wealthiest people in America, he has to confront harsh conditions as soon as he enters teenage. After serving as Captain in the military, he later on studies law and soon finds himself fighting the court cases. So discover more in Abraham Lincoln facts for kids.

A Magnificent Collection Of Abraham Lincoln Facts For Kids

At the time of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, his father had two farms of six hundred acres each as well as numerous horses, domestic animals and few town lots.

His father, Thomas Lincoln was one of the wealthiest people of USA.

Due to lack of proper estate titles, Thomas wasted his entire possession of properties on account of facing court arguments.

Abraham Lincoln was six feet and four inches (193 cm) tall.

Nestled in Senn Park (Chicago) is the beautiful statue of adolescent Abraham Lincoln.

In 1818, Nancy Lincoln (his mother) passes away due to tremetol vomiting or milk sickness when Abraham Lincoln is just 9 years old.

Before becoming teenaged, his siblings and friends would often call him an indolent kid since Lincoln did not fancy working in tough conditions where hard manual labor was required. Did you know these Abraham Lincoln facts for kids?

As he turns to an adolescent child and assumes more responsibility, he develops himself into a valiant and powerfully built lad. His standing as a brave boy further spirals as he grapples with one of the popular brawny lad at the time and gives him tough time.

Before turning to twenty one years of age, Lincoln shoulders his duty as an obedient kid and begins to give his entire earned income to his father.

In view of the fact that Thomas is an unlettered man, Lincoln probably seeks to move away from his father and their bond becomes weak.

Out of the 4 sons of Lincoln, Robert Todd Lincoln was the only lad to have reached prime of life and got married. The other three died at early ages.

Following the losses of his three sons, Lincoln feels great pain and goes into clinical melancholy, which is a sort of depression.

While he is 23 years of age, he purchases a petite store in Illinois in partnership with one of his pals. However Lincoln soon withdraws his share of business. Isn’t it one of the notable Abraham Lincoln facts for kids?

Under the Black Hawk War, Lincoln commanded the troops of Illinois Militia as a Captain.

Lincoln was once a postmaster in New Salem and also the surveyor of the region.

At the time one of the printing papers of Illinois once called him mockingly as ‘Spotty Lincoln’.

While he was addressing the flock of people, an attacker tried to do violence to one of his fans. Lincoln immediately grasped him with his neck and jacket and kicked out that guy with his powerful muscles.

Out of the 175 cases of Illinois Supreme Court in which Lincoln played a part as an attorney, Lincoln won 31 cases.

During the campaign of senate, a session of 7 discussions between Republican candidate Lincoln and Democratic candidate Douglas (Lincoln-Douglas debates) was conducted in 1858. It was later on the most famous political discussions in the political history of USA.

Among all the candidates campaigning for senate election, Lincoln was the only candidate who didn’t give any sermon.

Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth President of USA on 6th November, 1860.

Lincoln was a Republican candidate and when he won the election, it was for the first time that the President of America was elected from the Republican Party. Do you know such Abraham Lincoln facts for kids?

The election campaign between the Democratic Party Stephen A. Douglas and Lincoln was the tough one but eventually Lincoln climbed the ladder by crushing his counterpart with a lead of 489,495 votes.

A Quick Guide To Abraham Lincoln Facts For Kids

Date and Place of Birth: February 12, 1809 in Kentucky (USA)

Name of Political Party: Republican

Name of Wife: Mary Todd

Names of Children: Robert, Edward, William, Tad

Occupation: Attorney

Date of becoming President: March 04, 1861

Date and Place of Death: April 15, 1865 in Washington D.C. (USA)

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