5 Creative Gift Ideas for Kid Foodies

A special connection is forged between parents and kids who bond in the kitchen. Whether they’re cooking or just taste-testing, kids learn to take part in the food-making process and this gives new meaning to “playing with food”. Because you’re not really wasting – you’re creating memories.

Now, it’s fairly easy to gift toys to kids, but kids who LOVE food and show interest in cooking, baking, and eating (good) will surely enjoy these gifts below!

1.      Foodie Gift Basket

Butter toffee pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, dried fruit and nut mix, and assorted Jelly Belly? Even non-foodies and basically every kid that has a mouth will drool over these gourmet snacks.

It’s the best gift for kids who love to eat good food. With a lot to choose from, this munchies basket will last for daaaays. We’re sure of it because they’re going to savor every bite.

Creative gift baskets are crafted with love for every theme you can imagine. And we all know there’s no limit to a kid’s imagination.

Take this Tough Truck Kids Gift Basket, for example, it’s made with the future builder in mind. Perfect for any occasion – birthdays, holidays, or any day they deserve a treat!

2.      Fun Utensils and Plates

Meal-time is more engaging with these Construction and Garden sets from Constructive Eating. The fun doesn’t stop at cooking as we can make eating a mindful joyride, too.

Not only will kids pay attention to every bit that’s on their plate, but they will also appreciate how good it tastes – because they’re in a super mood as well.

3.      Space Pop Molds

Dessert-making can also be as fun and creative as this: Imagine your kitchen as NASA’s mission control center and engineer your spaceship with fruit juice, yogurt, and other treats. Then blast off in a galaxy of flavors with homemade pops!

Zoku molds freeze at the speed of light, so kids can have these ice pops every after meal or every time they’re hanging out in – the kitchen – space. 😉

4.      Kid-Sized Apron

Now, it’s time to dress the part – in style. Kids can look a bit like a pro with these aprons but still be themselves with their favorite characters on it. This will keep their clothes clean while being playful in the kitchen.

There’s lots to choose from, so have a blast!

5.      Cook Books for Kids

And if kids want to take food-making for the fam up a notch, they will love cookbooks specially catered for them. Learning from mom is still the best, but flipping through a fun, readable cooking class will boost their interest even more.

Cookbooks for kids are perfect for those who love to try new dishes with their parents. Expect a playful kitchen takeover!

The Takeaway

Any of the unique gifts above will make a little foodie’s heart flutter. And some will even make their mouth water!

Now, if they’re into the creation process, you can’t go wrong with gifts from 2 to 5. But if they’re more into eating and appreciating food, delectable gift baskets will definitely captivate them in a bat.

Whichever you choose, know that you’re already a winner gift-giver because you opted for a well-thought-out gift. Although a nicer reward is having one for yourself as well. 😉


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