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mount kilimanjaro facts for kids

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts For Kids | Highest Peak of Africa

The Mount Kilimanjaro is not only the largest mountain in Africa it is also the world’s tallest freestanding mountain reaching 19,340 feet above the...
Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Facts For Kids | Old Peak Of South America

Machu Picchu is a fortress and is one of the historical landmarks of South America. In Latin America, this site is one of those...
mountain facts for kids

Mountain Facts for Kids | Interesting Facts

Mountains are formed when tectonic plates collide with each other and the planet’s crust is subjected to great forces. Unlike few that can stand...
mount vesuvius facts for kids

Mount Vesuvius Facts For Kids | The Most Active Volcano in Europe

The Vesuvius is probably the most active volcano in the entire Europe which is believed to have caused as much damage as any other...

Mount Everest Facts For Kids – The Highest Mountain in the World

The world has just celebrated 60th anniversary since the time when Mount Everest was first climbed. Mount Everest is called the ‘roof of the...

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