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Mountains are formed when tectonic plates collide with each other and the planet’s crust is subjected to great forces. Unlike few that can stand independently in summit, most mountains are part of the ranges. Mountains are generally eaten away by rivers, weather conditions, and glaciers even though the erosion takes place very gradually.

Mountain Facts For Kids

What is the Highest Unclimbed Mountain?

Gangkhar Puensum is the highest unclimbed mountain with the elevation measuring at 7570 m (24,836 feet). The mountain is in Bhutan at the border with China.

Tallest Mountain in the Solar System

The Olympus Mons on Mars is the tallest mountain in the solar system in comparison to the Mount Everest and Mauna Kea on Earth. The height of Olympus Mons is 21.9 km and it was discovered in 1971.

How many Mountains are there with the height over 7,000 meters?

There are more than 100 mountains with the height over 7,200 m above sea level. These mountains stand in the central and southern Asia.

The highest climbed Mountain on Earth

Mount Everest is the highest climbed mountain with the height measuring at 29,029 ft.

What is the other name of K2?

Godwin Austen is the other name of K2.

The Smallest Mountain on Earth

Mount Wycheproof is the smallest mountain with the height of only 47 m. It stands in Victoria, Australia.

How much area do Mountains cover?

Mountain facts for kids

Mountains cover almost one-fifth of the world’s surface and they exist in every continent except on oceans.

People living in Mountains

Around 12 percent of world’s population lives in mountains.

The most Dangerous Mountain

Eiger is the most dangerous mountain with the height of 3,970 m in the Swiss Alps. No one successfully ascent the mountain and since 1935, 64 climbers had attempted but none survived. It has earned a nickname of “Murder Wall”.

The Longest Mountain Range

The Ocean Ridge is the world’s largest mountain range with the length measuring at 65,000 km (40,400 mi)

Smallest Mountain Range

The Californian Sutter Buttes is the world’s smallest mountain range covering only 75 square miles.

Highest Mountain in Africa

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa with the height of 5,895 m (19,340 ft). It is located in Tanzania.

The Function of Mountains

These mountains provide a major force to prevent the earth from unnecessary shocks. Had there been no mountains there would hardly be any balance on earth. It serves the same purpose as a nail that holds down a tent so that the tent never flies off.

Why is life tougher on Mountains?

Life is quite tough on mountains precisely due to the less oxygen and less carbon dioxide. One could hardly find any animals or plants surviving at the peak of mountains.

The Tallest Mountain Underwater

Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain underwater with the height of 13,803 feet. It is located in Hawaii.

Barberton Greenstone Belt

Barberton greenstone belt are the oldest mountains on earth with the age of 3.6 billion years ago. These ranges are situated in South Africa.

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