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A South Asian country with an overwhelming number of different ethnic groups, India certainly holds an important position in the world’s map. India is a vast country with diverse kinds of traditions and extremely rich civilization which makes it further unique. So India facts for kids are not only for children but are equally appealing for adults too. Taj Mahal in Agra is definitely one of the marvels of Indian architectures that dates back to the reign of Muslim Mughal Empires in India that ruled this country for many years. There are different religious sects living in India including Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and so on. As far as technology is concerned, India is rapidly flourishing especially in the field of information technology. Also there are some breathtaking panoramas that often appeal to the sightseers coming from all over the globe. So let’s explore this magnificent country even more and see what’s next for us in India facts for kids.

Most Amazing Collection Of India Facts For Kids

The term India comes from the word Indus which is in turn derived from the Old Persian name ‘Hindu’.

According to the area, India is the 7th biggest country of the world.

India is the second most densely inhabited country in the world.

India is one of the most rapidly flourishing economic countries of the world.

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Every year 900,000 people breathe their last in India on account of polluted drinking water, as per World Health Organization reports.

India is the most crowded democratic state of the world.

India has to its credit the third biggest standing force in the globe.

The national flower of India is lotus.

According to the IUCN reports, India has nearly 172 endangered species.

There are more than 441 wildlife or animal sanctuaries in India.

There are 6 national political parties in India.

India adopted the present constitution in January, 1950.

Royal Bengal tiger is the national land animal of India.

India conducted its first test of nuclear weapons in the year 1974.

So far in 2012, India is the biggest importer of weapons in the world.

Thus far in 2011, India has been the 19th biggest exporter of the world.

The economy of India is also the 10th biggest in the world.

Among the best 15 outsourcing of information technology companies in the world, India embraces seven of these companies. That makes India the next best outsourcing endpoint just behind USA.

Taj Mahal in Agra (India) is among the 7 wonders of the world.

The telecom industry of India is thriving at the quickest rate in the world as it had subscribed nearly 227 million subscribers between 2010 and 2011.

For Biotech destinations, India ranks among the list of first 12 nations of the world.

India is home to the biggest community of Sikh, Hindu and Bahai inhabitants.

The most number of people surviving under the poverty line (earning below US $1.25 daily) lives in India.

India is the third biggest country where most number of Muslims exists.

India is the biggest non-Muslim country where maximum number of Muslims lives.

Though there are great numbers of Hindi speaking people living in India, still there is no single language regarded as the national language of India.

The artistic history of India dates back to 4,500 years before.

The biggest integrated film studio in the world is Ramoji Film City in India.

The game of chess was invented in India dating back to the 5th century.

A Quick Guide To India Facts For Kids

Population: 1.2 billion

The Capital City: New Delhi

The Biggest City: Mumbai

Official Language: Hindi and English

Currency: Indian Rupee

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