White House Facts For Kids | Official Residence Of The US President

White House is an office as well as home for the President of USA. Every US President uses it as his home and this tradition began in 1800 from the time of second US President named John Adams. The word ‘White House’ was not the original name of this house. The original name was the ‘President’s Palace’. It was probably in 1811 when people began calling it as the ‘White House’ for the first time.

Original Name: President’s Palace or President’s House

Current Name: The White House

Name of Architect: James Hoban

City: Washington, D.C.

Starting Date of Construction: October 13, 1792

Age (as of 2014): 222 years old


  • The foundation stone for the construction of the White House was laid down in October 13, 1792.
  • The construction of this house began without any official ceremony.
  • The laborers that built the foundation of the White House were mainly African-Americans. Some of the Europeans were also hired for this purpose.
  • Except the main residence, most of the construction work of the White House was done by non-American people. They were not citizens of the United States.
  • The initial work on this House continued for about 8 years.
  • The initial cost of construction was just about $232,372.
  • The design of White House was made by James Hoban. He was an Irish architect.
  • It was built during 1792 to 1800.
  • It is made up of Aquia Creek sandstone.
  • The structure of White House is built on Neoclassical architecture.
  • The name of the architect who expanded White House in 1801 was Benjamin Henry Latrobe.
  • The South Portico was built in 1824 and the North Portico was made in 1829.

The initial plan of the entire project was made by Pierre Charles L’Enfant. He was a French architect. The White House is about 5 times smaller than his original plan.

Physical Description

  • The three main structures of White House are collectively known as White House Complex. These structures include Executive Residence, West Wing and East Wing.
  • The First Family of the United States lives in the Executive Residence.
  • There are 6 stories in the Executive Residence.
  • In the second floor of the White House, there is a yellow-colored room called Yellow Oval Room.
  • There are 3 state parlors in the first floor of the White House. One of these is called Blue Room.

US Presidents

  • The first US President to enter the White House as his official home was John Adams. He entered in this house on Saturday (November 1, 1800).
  • In 1801 as Thomas Jefferson became the US President, he built additional series of columns and made it even bigger.
  • On 2nd June 1886, the US President Grover Cleveland got married to Frances Folsom in the ‘Blue Room’ of the White House. This was the only wedding ceremony by any US President that was celebrated in this house.
  • In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt changed his workplace and shifted it to the West Wing of White House. West Wing was recently built and it is also known as Executive Office Building.
  • In 1909, President Howard Taft built first Oval Office which has become the office of the US President ever since it was made. He also remodeled West Wing and made it bigger.

More Facts

  • When the War of 1812 broke out, the British Army destroyed much of the interior of this house by setting it on fire.
  • The very first guide of the White House was officially published in 1962.
  • The White House was opened on November 1, 1800 to serve as the home and workplace of the US President. It was not however fully completed at the time.
  • The North front of this house is the main front wall.
  • The north front of the White House is known as north portico. It was made in 1830.
  • There are 3 floors and 11 bays at the North front of the White House.
  • The south front of the White House is known as south portico. It was made in 1824.


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