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North America is one of the largest continents in the world—third only to Asia and Africa. The America is not only rich in wild animals it also tells us facts about the long history of indigenous people including the European colonization. The North America’s land mass consists of Republic of Mexico, Canada, and United States.

North America Facts For Kids

People might have started living in the North America as early as 40,000 – 17,000 ago.

France, Spain, and Great Britain divided the continent. Spanish were the first Europeans to colonize the America. They began to settle in America in 1519.

North America is thought to lie at the northern landmass which is also called Western Hemisphere.

The Isthmus of Panama is the only landmass that connects North America to South America.

Some of the largest water bodies of continent include the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay, Gulf of California, and Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Prominent among the islands in North America are Arctic Archipelago, Aleutian Islands, Alexander Archipelago, Bahamas, Lesser and Greater Antilles.

There are three main languages that the people in North America usually speak. These are English, French, and Spanish.

The only religion that prevails in North America is Christianity. Canada however is a bilingual country. The largest concentration of Christians is in the United States.

There are 23 countries in the continent.

The total population of North America is about 565,265,000.

The total area occupied is about 24,709,000 km2 (9,540,000 sq mi).

The largest country in the North America is United States with Mexico to follow and then Canada.

The largest river in the North America is the Mississippi River.


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