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Earth day is celebrated when all the people leave their daily chores aside, forget their differences and begin thinking like a true citizen to consider the environmental concerns of planet earth. It is not only a concept but it is a complete movement towards guarding the planet. It’s been more than four decades since the time when earth day was first celebrated and it brought many success stories; the bald eagle previously believed to be endangered is no longer in the list; the air pollution has decreased two times despite the fact that we are driving thrice as many cars more than twice as many miles a year; now we see many streams, rivers, lakes where one could not swim, now swimmable.

Earth Day Facts For Kids

When is Earth Day?

Earth day is celebrated on April 22 each year.

Who Invented Earth Day?

A peace activist John McConnell is thought to be the first person to come up with the idea of earth day. He proposed the idea at the UNESCO Conference on the Environment 1969. He was very much concerned with the fact that people should own the place they live on and that they are responsible for the environmental changes on earth.

History of Earth Day

The day was primarily proposed in order to spread the word of environmental concerns of our planet. In the United States, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson introduced the concept as he was convinced that now is the time that we should all join hands to save our home from pollution. Nelson is deemed to be one of the founders of earth day.

Now is the right time to act, think, and behave globally. This is the sole purpose of celebrating the day. Every person on this globe must be ready to make it as clean and unpolluted as possible. Our planet is facing too many crises whether in the form of pollution, lack of natural resources, global warming or going overpopulated.

What happened on the First Earth Day?

Earth Day facts for kids

John Lindsay was the mayor of New York City and he closed the Fifth Avenue a fairly busy street to automobiles for two hours just to make the world realize that how calm and quiet it can be without cars.

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What do People do on Earth Day?

People usually make the planet as green as possible by planting trees, cleaning up days, holding bicycle parades or marches etc.

When was the First Earth Day?

The first earth day was celebrated in April 22, 1970 in the United States. According to an estimate more than 20 million people (including colleges and university students) across America took part in the celebration.

Earth Day Name

While there are quite a few founders of earth day John McConnell is claimed to be the person who gave the name ‘Earth Day’ as it was too obvious and logical.

You know there is an Earth Anthem?

Abhay K the Indian post diplomat first gave the idea of earth anthem with the thought that it would bring the entire world together. The anthem is sung in eight languages including Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, French, and Arabic, alongside Hindi and Nepali.

Who created the Earth Day Flag?

John McConnell created the flag of earth day.


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