Carbon Dioxide Facts For Kids | Among First Discovered Gases

Carbon dioxide is a gas at normal temperature and pressure. The chemical formula for carbon dioxide is CO2. It means it has 2 atoms of Oxygen and 1 atom of Carbon. It exists in the air as a trace gas which means its concentration is less than 1 percent in our atmosphere. It is also a very important fire extinguisher as well as an important ingredient for making soft drinks. So let’s explore more about it in carbon dioxide facts for kids.

A Quick Guide To Carbon Dioxide Facts For Kids

Name of Discoverer: Joseph Black

Chemical State: Gas

Molecular Formula: CO2

Density: 1.98 kg/m3

Basic Carbon Dioxide Facts For Kids


  1. A Flemish scientist of the 17th century named Jan Baptist van Helmont was the first chemist who discovered the presence of different gases in the air. He used the term ‘gas’ for the very first time.
  2. During the mid 18th century, a Scottish chemist named Joseph Black was the first scientist who discovered carbon dioxide gas. He named this gas ‘Fixed Air’.
  3. Carbon dioxide is among the first gases to be discovered.
  4. In 1835, a French person named Adrien-Jean-Pierre Thilorier was the first one who made solid form of this gas. Carbon dioxide in solid state is called ‘dry ice’. It is also known as cardice.

Physical Properties

  1. It is soluble in water.
  2. It is a colorless gas.Carbon Dioxide Facts For Kids
  3. It is an odorless gas in low concentrations. However, it has an acidic odor in high concentrations.
  4. As compare to air, carbon dioxide is a heavier gas.

Forms of Carbon Dioxide

  1. When the temperature is below -78.5oC and at 1 atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide gas is converted into a solid state called dry ice.
  2. At 1 atmospheric pressure, a solid carbon dioxide changes directly into a gaseous state at above -78.5oC. The process in which a solid substance changes directly into gas without becoming a liquid is called Sublimation.
  3. At atmospheric pressure of more than 5.1 atm, carbon dioxide gas is converted into a liquid state.
  4. At high pressure, carbon dioxide gas also exists in a different solid state called non-crystalline solid just like glass. It is a kind of silica glass and is known as Amorphous carbonia (a-CO2).
  5. There are 4 methods in which carbon dioxide is emitted as a by-product. These are fermentation, burning the fossil fuels, steam reforming in which hydrogen is produced and ammonia synthesis.
  6. The burning of those compounds that contain carbon, emits water and carbon dioxide.


  1. Carbon dioxide is one of those chemical ingredients that are used to produce methanol and urea.
  2. It is mainly used as a food additive in order to improve the taste of the food.
  3. At high pressure, carbon dioxide can be dissolved in a liquid. This process of liquefying carbon dioxide is known as carbonation. It is also known as fizz.
  4. The liquid in which carbon dioxide is dissolved is known as carbonated water. It is also known as fizzy water or soda water. Fizzy water is formed when the pressure is reduced and carbon dioxide is allowed to escape into the air as bubbles.
  5. It is a very important ingredient in making soft drinks.
  6. In its solid state, carbon dioxide is used to keep grapes chilly in the manufacturing of wine. It is preferred over normal water ice because it does not produce extra water that may reduce the level of sugar from the wine juice called ‘Must’. The process of making wine is called vinification.
  7. Carbon dioxide is a fire extinguisher.

More Carbon Dioxide Facts For Kids

  1. Carbon dioxide is present in our atmosphere as a trace gas. Trace gases are those gases that constitute less than 1 percent of all the gases in the atmosphere.
  2. The exact percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about 0.04 percent.
  3. The waters of the ocean absorb almost one-third of carbon dioxide produced by us. This natural process of absorbing carbon dioxide by sea water is very important for making climate as feasible as possible for us.
  4. When the rate of intake of carbon dioxide by ocean waters increases, it results in the decrease of pH of these waters. This is known as Ocean Acidification.
  5. Within 24 hours, every person emits almost 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide.

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