Argentina Facts for Kids | Second Largest South American Country

Argentina is among one of the most economically stable countries of Latin America. During the early part of the 20th century, Argentina was also one of the world’s wealthiest economies. Since it lies in South America, the Spanish language is the widely spoken language here. The Spanish came to Argentina in the early years of 16th century and settled here permanently. The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Capital City: Buenos Aires

Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Peso

National Game: juego del pato (meaning ‘Duck Game’)

National Cuisine: Locro and Asado


  • The fossils of very first humans show that people have been living here since Paleolithic age.
  • In 1502, the first Europeans showed up in Argentina when an Italian voyager named Amerigo Vespucci landed here.
  • The Spanish first settled in this country in about 1512.


  • The highest peak of this country is called Mount Aconcagua. It has a height of about 6,959 meters above sea level.
  • The lowest point of Argentina is known as Laguna del Carbón.
  • With a length of about 4,880 kilometers, Paraná River stands at the second position among the longest rivers of South America. It navigates through Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.
  • The biggest natural salt water lake of Argentina is Mar de Ansenuza.
  • Latin America’s biggest railway station is also located in Argentina. The rail track has a length of about 48,000 kilometers.
  • Most of the industrial buildings in Argentina lie in Córdoba.
  • Almost 92 percent of the people here live in towns.
  • There are 30 national parks in Argentina.

Interesting Facts about Argentina

  • It is the world’s biggest country in terms of the number of Spanish-speaking people.
  • Argentina is the top country in the world where consumption of red meat is highest.
  • By area, Argentina is the second biggest South American country. Brazil is the first biggest country.
  • Argentina stands at the third position among the biggest economic countries of Latin America.
  • By population, Argentina stands at the third position in South America.
  • The power generation sector of Argentina is the third biggest in Latin America.
  • Argentina stands at the fifth position among the biggest producers of wine in the world.
  • In the beginning of twentieth century, Argentina ranked at the seventh position among the world’s wealthiest countries.
  • Argentina stands at the eighth position in the list of biggest countries around the world.
  • In terms of area, it stands at the eighth position among the biggest countries of the world.
  • Until 1950s, Argentina was among the fifteen wealthiest nations of the world.
  • Argentina stands at the ninth position among the countries that have maximum biocapacity in the world.



More Facts

  1. The flag of Argentina was designed by Manuel Belgrano in the year 1812.
  2. The Latin America’s biggest ‘ski’ location lies in Argentinean city named Bariloche.
  3. The biggest airfield of this country is named as Ezeiza International Airport.
  4. There are 23 provinces in Argentina.
  5. Argentina is home to three Nobel Prize winners namely César Milstein, Bernardo Alberto Houssay and Luis Federico Leloir.
  6. The person who is known as the founder of animated cartoons in the world is named Quirino Cristiani. He was from Argentina. He created cartoons using cardboards during 1917 – 18.

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