Animal Facts For Kids – Fun and Amazing Facts about Animals

Here we have gathered some of the most amazing and unknown animal facts for kids which you and your kids are definitely going to enjoy. So read on these amazing animal facts for kids and share them with your family and friends.

Animal Facts for Kids

  • You know why a glass frog is known as such? It’s because the entire body structure of the animal is crystal clear such that you can even see its heart beat, abdomen and blood vessels inside.
  • Do you know how many kinds of snails are there in our planet? Well, over seventy thousand different kinds of snails and slugs. Indeed you don’t want them to arrange a get-together function. Do you?
  • Can you survive without having meal for even 2 days? No? But there is an animal that can live for about one year without having anything into its stomach. Yes, that’s scorpion.

More Fun Facts about Animals for Kids

  • You know spider is unable to chew up anything. So what do these creatures do with the insects and flies? Well, it infuses a lethal chemical into their bodies thereby the chemical liquefies the inner substance of the flies. After that, it draws out the juice.
  • Spiders often save the insects or flies for their mealtime in their net.
  • During the growing stages of a cockroach, it builds up a spanking new skin over its body which is initially white. But due to the interaction with atmosphere, it turns itself into shady.
  • There is a special type of hedgehog (Madagascar) named as banded tenrec which makes itself off-color simply by consuming surplus amount of insects.
  • Sharks are capable to eat even the hardest materials as well like pieces of cars or vessels.
  • Sharks can sense the flavor of blood from almost 1 kilometer.
  • The sharks urinate through the skin since they lack urinary tract.
  • The rats chew up consistently because if it doesn’t do that, the lower part of its teeth will get so big that it will touch the uppermost section of its mouth.
  • If you throw a rat from even a 5-storey structure, nothing happens to it except that it will sprint afterwards.
  • Once there had been scorpions of enormous sizes (probably during the time of dinosaurs) that were even bigger than dogs with measuring three feet in length.
  • You’d probably have heard about the London parks like they are very clean. Really? But do you know about how much urine of dogs sneaks into these parks in one year? Well, it’s 4.5 million liters.
  • Up till now we know that cockroaches have 3,500 species. There is perhaps more than this that are undiscovered yet.
  • Cockroach feels flavor with the help of its feet.
  • If you want to do away with mosquitoes, just take some garlic.
  • If you sever a planarian worm into two segments, it will again develop into a complete worm. It also happens when you cut it and split these two segments that both of them may re-join again but from the wrong end.
  • Since Geckos do not have eyelids so in order to buff up the eyeballs, they have to lick them.
  • As compare to its body size (11 inches), the eyes of the vampire squid are one inch which is so big that you can imagine if you had an eyeball equal to the bats of table tennis!
  • The guard termites often blast themselves to safeguard their mound (nest) from enemies.
  • The tentacles of an octopus cover its mouth completely so when it tries to eat anything, the animal rolls inside out.
  • You know that most lethal kind of snake is carpet viper that has taken lives of maximum number of humans.
  • Copepods (little crustaceans) have only one eye.
  • In each year, almost 20,000 road accidents in Australia happen due to Kangaroos.

I hope it was fun reading these animal facts for kids. For more educative, interesting and informative animal facts for kids visit  Animals Time.


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