Africa Facts for Kids | 10 Stunning Facts about Africa

Africa is by far one of the most fascinating continents out there, thanks to its diverse landscapes and stunning nature. This continent is also known as “the Cradle of Humankind”. Not only is Africa the place where all humans originated from, but it is also the home of the first great civilizations on Earth, the Egyptian one. The cultures of Africa are numerous and unique, from the Islamic ones in North Africa to the fascinating tribal cultures in the South. All these form a dynamic amalgam that catches the eye of millions of tourists every year. So, if you plan to visit Africa or you are just curious about this wonderful continent, do not hesitate to read Africa Facts for Kids in the following article.

Africa Facts For Kids

1.         From where the name Africa originated?

Although there are several theories regarding the origins of this continent’s name, the most plausible one is that it comes from the name of the Afri people, which inhabited North Africa around 300 B.C. As for the ca suffix, it is believed that it was added by the Romans and that it means land or country. Another theory says that in the Latin language Africa means sunny, whilst in the Greek language Aphirike means no cold or without cold, these being thought as other possible origins for the current name.

2.         How large is Africa?

Africa is the second largest continent of our planet. To get a more accurate idea, this continent has approximately 22% of our planet’s land area.

3.         Population

Nearly one billion people currently inhabit Africa, which means that 16% of the world population is African. However, more than a quarter of the total number of languages spoken on our planet are African ones. This is yet another proof of the immense cultural diversity of this continent. The most populated country of Africa is Nigeria.

4.         Tourist attractions

Besides being the second most populated country on the continent, Egypt is also the country with most tourists and tourist attractions, mainly thanks to the pyramids and the Sphinx.

5.         World extremes

The Nile River in Egypt is the longest river in the world, with a length of 4 132 miles. Also, the continent of Africa has the largest desert in the world, Sahara, which spans through a territory greater than the land area of the U.S.A. The first and the second fastest animals on the planet reside in Africa: the cheetah and the wildebeest. Also, the Malawi lake has the biggest number of fish species in the entire world and the African Elephant is the largest land animal on Earth.

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6.         Religions

Africa’s biggest religion is the Islamic one, followed by Christianity.

7.         Highest mountain | Africa facts for kids

The highest mountain of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, named Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi.

8.         Which is the African country with the most pyramids?

You would think that the obvious answer is Egypt, but that is far from the truth. Although Egypt does have the most well-known pyramids, Sudan has twice as more pyramids. Because these pyramids are smaller and not as tall as their Egyptian counterparts, they are fairly unheard of.

9.         Sports

The most appreciated sports on the African continent are soccer and cricket. These sports were first introduced on this continent in colonial times and soon flourished due to the success that the players had in international competitions.

10.       Living in Africa

We’ve gathered in this chapter a few things that will probably amaze you. It is well known that Africa is the poorest continents on Earth, and these are a few facts that support that statement.

•           The whole population of Africa has less access to internet than the city of New York.

•           Radio, television or even cars are considered true luxuries in most African countries.

•           Every year, more than 200 000 children are sold as slaves on this continent.

•           One fifth of the children of Africa die before they reach age of five, from disease, hunger or other causes.

•           Approximately 14 million children on this continent have become orphans because of AIDS.

•           Wars and armed conflicts are still going on in Africa and street fights are a common thing on this continent.

•           Sensual violence and illiteracy are still plagues that affect African women.

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